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Go-between Peace Committees for Luacjang’s observations and recommendation
(1) From the primary findings and statements by witnesses at Romich market, the site of the incidence, and the general public including the police, the fight that claimed 85 lives and 93 wounded from the civil community side, and about 63 lives and 48 wounded on the side of the forces of Disarmament in Romich County Centre, such an unfortunate fight did not relate to Disarmament at all. The fight was said to be about a small thing called scarf, a type of (Mandil) cloth . For this, see the report narrative above. An investigation committee is needed to probe into this, taking into account the army soldiers version. However, Luac public says there were underlying causes, which were compounded by an intensive torture that gradually made a build-up of public animosity against the force.

(2) Although there was a wide spread bitterness against the force for too much flogging (lashing) on almost everyone in the market and other places in Romich, and what they call too much extortion of money and cattle, the igniting thing was the killing of an unarmed and innocent young man (Makendeer), over the Mandil issue as described above. The shooting to the death of Makendeer went together with the shooting of another young man at the very market spot. This was and followed, an hour later, by the killing of the Payam Administrator P.A. Mathiang at the County HQRS in Rumabuth town by the same soldiers.

(3) It was reported by the Prison Director in Romich that during the fight Gelweng youths broke into the prison where they released 25 prisoners who were imprisoned for different crimes. The committee urged the chiefs of Luanyjang to bring back to prison those prisoners as quickly as possible.

(4)Luanyjang public genuinely felt sorry for having been compelled to fight with its own army. The fact that 48 wounded soldiers and 27 unwounded ones were rescued by the community is another indication of the community none intention to fight with their army. Listening to the peace committee for the return of the Army guns and items is another proof. The population do not want a bad such incident to repeat itself again. The community says they are ready to welcome the Army back to the area, provided that it is a different force with different command. The community also advised that any Army force to be brought to Luanyjang should not be stationed in the middle of the population.

(5)The community has shown readiness to return any army guns and equipment which they left behind at the time of their withdrawal. Much of the heavy machine and light guns, as well as military vehicles, had already been received and sent to the force in one of their Bases at Ngapagok.

(6)Luanyjang community remains loyal to the government and for this reason; the community is ready to disarm since it is a policy of the National government to disarm its civil populations. In this, Luanyjang community calls upon their government to carryout nationwide disarmament so that they do not become victims of their un-disarmed neighbouring communities.

(7)Public bitterness against the way they suffered in the hands of their neighbouring communities plus the Army now appears so great that the committee advises that a peaceful and proper approach is to be adopted by the government and by the Army in dealing with Luanyjang Community.

(8) Because there was a general looting in both Romich town and its big market, the inhabitants of Romich and its surrounding Suburbs plus Romich Market community are in an abject state of hunger as crops are yet to ripe. The committee calls upon the state Governor to call upon the Disaster Management and Relief Agencies to rush in medicines, food and non-food items to rescue the population of Romich, including the local government work force residing in this destroyed town.

(9)Although over a hundred people died in the fight, the committee recommends that compensation should be made for one Darfur trader killed in the cross fire while at his shop. The committee is doing this recommendation because he is a foreigner.

(10) Because the situation and distance of Luanyjang, Tonj East County in general, from Tonj town and the state capital Kuajok, with this near daily insecurity, the Committee request both the state and national governments to give special consideration, especially with regard to roads for accessibility to health Care, education and security services. Underdevelopment and lack of modern services is too pronounced in this county.

(11) The committee strongly recommend that the government commits to deploy an equitable military force to the eastern borders of Luanyjang as a protective measure for the community and its cattle resources. This will stop Luanyjang movement with its cattle to Tonj and Wau-cok a big territorial move which it always does in search for water and green pastures for their cattle during dry season times.

(12) Tonj-East, Rumbek-North, South-western Counties of Unity State, Northern areas of Tonj-North County plus Gogrial-East and Eastern-Twic of Warrap, really require special attention from the government of National Unity.

(13) The committee urges national government to establish radio station in Luanyjang area so as to preach and spread messages of peace, love and forgiveness among Luanyjang and with other neighbouring communities, because the community is so traumatized by the continuous fights from different directions; north, east, south and western parts of Luanyjang areas.

(14) The committee also recommend the need for the state and national government to organize one community conference to be held in about November this year to address issues of community security, Luacjang on top.

(15) The committee recommend that a real investigation committee be formed by the President of the republic to go to Luacjang in order to investigate the cause of this conflict since this report is a one sided report taken from the civil population. The army version is important for the truth to be stablished.

Signed by: Hon. Caguor Adong Manyang, Chairman, Go-Between Peace Committee for Luanyjang/Luacjang.
Cc: Rt. Hon. Speaker, TNLA.
Cc: The Hon. Governor of Warrap State, Kuacjok.

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