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Renk female protestor is being held for saying ‘Down down Kiir’


Renk female protestor is being held for saying ‘Down down Kiir’


The commissioner of Renk County in Upper Nile State claims demonstrator Fadhia Ngor is in arbitrary detention for calling on the president to step down.

Ms Ngor was detained 13 days ago, along other demonstrators, on the alleged orders of Duk Guot for taking part in a peaceful protest against an NGO operating in the area.

The locals had accused Medair organization of job discrimination.

Now, commissioner Guot told Eye Radio that Ms Ngor was arrested when they interrupted a security committee meeting on 18 September.

“These two people Fadhia Ngor and Malik Angok acted in an unkind manner when we were in a security committee meeting about the issue of the NGOs,” Guot told Eye Radio on Wednesday via phone from Renk town.

The demonstrators had accused the commissioner of failing to implement an agreement between the NGO and the locals.

During the meeting, she barged in and shouted, chanting: “Down down Salva Kiir, down down Renk county commissioner, and down down SPLM.”

“The organized forces consider it is a crime against the state,” the commissioner added.

The Chapter V of the Penal Code 2008 considers insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism, and undermining authority of or insulting president.

However, the transitional constitution allows for free speech and demonstration. Several citizens have called on Kiir to resign over poor leadership.

Fadhia’s husband told Eye Radio on Tuesday that the 52-year-old woman was sharing a cell with male detainees at the SSPDF detention facility in Renk – a condition that violates her human rights.

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