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Rebel leader tired of war abandons his group, joins Kiir

JUBA – South Sudan’s holdout opposition United Democratic Revolutionary Movement/Army (UDRM/A) Thomas Tut Doap Jick has announced his intention to abandon the opposition and join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM-IG) faction under President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

In a statement extended to Sudans Post, Doap said he has resigned from his group, the United Democratic Revolutionary Movement/Army, the South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA) and the No-Signatories South Sudan Opposition Groups (NSSSOG).

“In an exercise of powers confer upon me by the Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth 1, Thomas Tut Doap Jick, Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of UDRM/A, do hereby declare my retirement from all opposition politics, effective from the date of signing of this letter,” he said.


“Consequently, I am hereby rendering my resignation from the leadership and membership of the following political organizations: (1) United Democratic Revolutionary Movement/Army (UDRM/A) (2) South Sudan Opposition Movements’ Alliance (SSOMA), currently known as None-Signatories South Sudanese Opposition Groups (NSSOG) and (3) National Consensus Forum (NCF), respectively,” he added.

While wishing his comrades success in finding permanent solutions to their grievances with the government, the opposition leader announced that he has declared his intention to join the SPLM under President Salva Kiir immediately.

“Henceforth, I wish all Colleagues and Comrades in struggle all the best in pursuit of an amicable solutions to the current political turmoil in our country,” he said.

“Finally, I do hereby declare my unconditional returning to the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), under the Chairmanship of Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan,” he added.



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