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Since the signing of the agreement on 12th September 2018, it has been 36 months so far (Less by 20 days).

The agreement stipulates that there shall be:

1)Pre-Transitional Period of Eight [8] months as per Article 1.1.2

2)The overall Term of RTGoNU shall be Thirty-Six [36] months till elections according to Article 1.1.4

3)Article 1.1.5 says the RTGoNU shall hold democratic Elections Sixty [60] Days before the end of the Transitional Period.
With the fighting or insecurity in several parts of the country and most of the population either in Protection of Civilians Sites (PoCs), IDPs camps and/or in refugee camps; how is the RTGoNU planning to conduct the National Population and Housing Census which must be done before the National Elections?

Have the following been fully reconstituted and operational as per the agreement:

1)National Election Commission in accordance to Article 1.2.13?

2)Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and Council of State (CS) as per Article 1.14?

3)State and Local Government as per Article 1.16?

4)Judiciary as per Article 1.17?

5)National Constitutional Amendment Committee as per Article 1.18?

6)Transitional Institutions and Mechanism as per Article 1.19; –

The R-ARCSS provides for a Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements in Chapter II and in particular Article 2.1.1. which stipulates “Parties hereby agree that the Permanent Ceasefire signed in the Khartoum Declaration of 27th June 2018 which came into effect on 1st July 2018, shall be observed meticulously throughout the Republic of South Sudan” while Article 2.1.2. states that “In observing the permanent ceasefire, the Parties reiterate all their commitments under the Cessation of Hostilities (CoHA) signed on 21st December 2017.

WHAT HAPPENED? These questions to all Parties to R-ARCSS including the incumbent TGoNU, OI, SSOA, FDs & OPP, and perhaps due failure to answer these questions by the overall RTGoNU have in part or in full led to Peoples Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA), United Citizens for Change (UCC) calls for a civil and peaceful uprising against the RTGoNU and these calls have recently drawn support from the women, youth and now the Red Army and these campaigns seem to gradually gain some momentum.

So, is there political will by Parties to the R-ARCSS? Will there be willingness from the civil population to respond to the calls for civil and peaceful uprising?


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  1. 12 millions South Sudanese warns Kiir, and Riek Machar to exit in power before the Sun set
    President Kiir, should know that UN came to South Sudan when South Sudan failed to manage the country leadership.
    With this matter UN and president Kiir would leave the country as South Sudanese demands changed of good services and freedom of expression in the upcoming next leadership of this protocol protests on the 30 this month.
    So we called all South Sudanese to protest there’s no other ways that President Kiir threats people of UN while UN is already in South Sudan. Who brought UN to South Sudan it’s president Kiir who brought UN to South Sudan due to his poor management of leadership in the country. Yes, we fought for 21 years but what did you changed as a president of the country? South Sudanese, are not calling for UN to take South Sudan but we are calling for the country leadership reforms. We can’t have leadership that mismanaged the country resources for more than 15 years with no better life with our people. We asked President Kiir and his UN whom he brought to South Sudan to go where the came from but Kiir needs to stop threatening people of South Sudan with UN.
    We asked all youths of 64 Tribes to watch this language of rhehoric of J1. We have no culture of protest and we have no culture for government to fights the civilians in South Sudan as well. It’s not norm and values so with all these accusations South Sudanese decided to asked Kiir and his rival Riek Machar to exit in power before the 30th August 2021.

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