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Prophet Abraham Chol: Kiir and Riek have turned South Sudan into Slaves Republic, people work like slaves

Prophet Abraham Chol: Kiir and Riek have turned South Sudan into Slaves Republic, people work like slave

Controversial “Divine King Abraham Cush” of the Cush Voice Mission while speaking to 211check, a fact-checking organization in Juba has confirmed that the decree ending South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir’s office term on 9th July 2021 making rounds on social media is truly from him and gave reason for the decree handed to him allegedly by divine power.

Abraham, who calls himself a king, has accused the country’s leaders of neglecting the suffering of South Sudanese across South Sudan.

According to Abraham, he made the declaration because of five major problems including the failure of the leadership to notice the misery of South Sudanese citizens, according to him people work like slaves with many receiving a wage of less than $50 that rarely comes, he also accuses the current leadership of breaking good governance covenant and Government’s focus on war, tribalism, disunity, corruption among others.

“Two things will happen on the 9th of July this year. Salva and his vice will come to say goodbye to the nation of South Sudan and second a new leadership; a new president will take over to lead the country. A president who can see the miserable, who can hear the cry and be focused to hear citizen’s plea. We don’t need a President who doesn’t work,” Abraham said.

He added that, “What I posted is neither a prophecy nor an opinion. It’s my decree; declaration as a King of Cush Kingdom. It’s what I thought, prayed and understood it divinely and I declared it. We’re neither a church nor a denomination. I am the King of the land and the father of the Cush nation. So I’m not representing the church, but the Cush Kingdom,” Abraham clarified.

However, many South Sudanese intellectuals believe his decree will never come to pass as announced. They believe Abraham is making attempts to seek public attention.

“I remember Malong knocked down his makeshift Church at Medan Simba in 2015 and he said Malong would die in a week, which never happened,” a commentator said.

He adds that Abraham has been proven to be a liar multiple times.

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