President Kiir shall be remembered as a leader who abandoned the SPLM vision to promote tribalism and selfishness ~ Pa’gan Amum.

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President Kiir shall be remembered as a leader who abandoned the SPLM vision to promote tribalism and selfishness ~ Pa’gan Amum.


October 11,2021—The Former Secretary General of the ruling party, Hon. Pagan Amum Okiech has blasted the President for abandoning the SPLM vision and for harboring “selfishness and looting” that have failed the country, adding that he shall be known in history as someone who stood against the SPLM and its vision of new Sudan.

Pagan Amum, Former SPLM Secretary General (Photo Credit :Courtesy Image)

Amum, who is one of the senior members of the governing party, said with bitterness that President Kiir has abandoned their main program as a party and introduced unnecessary tribalism in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Rumbek Broadcasting Corporation, Amum said Kiir since was appointed in 2005 has never pursued the SPLM agenda but branched intentionally from the party’s core objectives and vision of the new Sudan.

.Salva Kiir will be remembered for standing against the SPLM and vision of new Sudan. He introduced tribalism which was not existing during our time with Dr. John Garang Garang, he could only be remembered as leader who harbor selfishness and looting in the country “, Pagan Amum said during the interview with RBC.

He said that Salva Kiir dishonored what all the SPLM leadership agreed on in March 2005 that there should be a transition from war to peace whereby the leaders would then engage only in developmental projects and implementation of the vision of the new Sudan.

Pagan Omum is the Former Secretary General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement. He was among the detained politicians in 2013 following the alleged coup attempt against President Kiir’s regime. Upon their release from detention they called themselves “the G10 or the former Political detainees”, however, last year when they disagreed as a group Pagan went on to form his own party and named it the “Real SPLM”.

Pagan returned to Juba briefly in 2015 but as soon as he found an escape route, he left the country through Addis Ababa and there on, he has lived largely in exile for the fear of his life. For the last two years, the Real SPLM and other opposition groups have tried to pursue the government through the Rome peace initiative but nothing significant materialized from the Rome based initiative.

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