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President Kiir recalls Unity State governor




President Salva Kiir has recalled the Unity State governor, Joseph Monytuil days after he left Juba for the state capital Bentiu.

The Presidential Affairs Minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin announced this to reporters following a presidency meeting Friday afternoon.

“His Excellency President Salva kiir recalled the governor of Unity State, Dr. joseph Monytuil to report Juba. He was here of course but went back,” Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin Announced.

The purpose of the urgent call is unclear.

But this has come three months of relative peace in the state after the extrajudicial killing of senior military officers who were aligned to General Stephen Buay .

The summary killing followed the killing of Mayom County Commissioner, Chuol Gatluak Manime in July.

After the incidents, the state was mired in a series of protests by some youths who called for his removal.


Some of the protesting youths were reportedly arrested and tortured with others going into hiding for fear for their lives.




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