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President Kiir calls for reconciliation and forgiveness among leaders

President Salva Kiir - Credit: Office of the President Dec. 12, 2023 

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: 35 mins ago

President Salva Kiir has called on leaders to embrace the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

He stated this during the swearing-in ceremony of the SPLM Secretary General on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at the SPLM Secretariat.

President Kiir told senior members of the SPLM party that revenge cannot solve any political issue in South Sudan, but forgiveness and reconciliation can.

He pointed out that his decision to reconcile with his political opponents should not be seen as weakness or fear.

President Kiir added that this year should aim at restoring peace and developing the country

However, warned those who fought against his regime in 2013, saying he will not tolerate further arms struggles.

“I want to say to you here, for those who will think of making another attempt, if they don’t get me and I will get them definitely,” said President Kiir.

“When I allow people to go, people will say this is my weakness or I am fearing, no it’s not in that way,

“If somebody lost patience and fought you, but didn’t kill you, you need not take revenge. In the first coup attempt in 2013, I did not arrest Taban, and I did not arrest his in-law, Riek Machar, they put fire and run,

“Yes, reconciliation is the most important thing, and we are now together, those who rebelled against me, are my members now of the party.”

The then-conflicting parties are now implementing a peace agreement.

They are expected to hold elections in early 2025, according to the 2022 extended peace roadmap.


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