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Poverty Doesn’t Know Ethnic or Political Alignments:

Poverty Doesn’t Know Ethnic or Political Alignments:

By  Daniel Dengdit

The central government and state leaders are enjoying decent life while the enemy (that is poverty) of the oppressive majority of the South Sudanese people are blaming each other on baseless elements that are not impacting their lives. When the liberation struggle started in the 1940s. South Sudan, the then Southern Sudan didn’t have enough intellectuals, but chiefs did assume the most work of intellectuals as per their jurisdiction. The 1947s Juba conference didn’t ignore the roles of chiefs in the liberation struggle. In the aftermath of independence in 1956, the war started earlier in 1955 because of Imperialist’s relationship/ Arabian with Arab fanatic intellectuals’ fundamentalists because of their exposure than Southerners to the outside world. The war was an option to achieve the economic and political independence State. The demands of the Southerners and the expectations were ignored for the inability of the then leaders to take responsibility for the new state.

The knowledge of the colonial and neo-colonial over Southern Sudanese was something that cannot be starved of at the time. The Imperialists and missionaries used the bible to normalize the behaviors of extremists, as Southerners and Arabs intellectuals used Arabization and the Quran for the civilization of the Southerners. Therefore, Addis Ababa negotiations between the Southerners and the Northerners which was negotiated for three days can be evidence of the failure of current leaders out of late Dr. John Garang. The division of South Sudanese leaders in the bushes in the earlier time of Anya-nya one and the time of the SPLA/M can help to rationalize the disunity and political crumbling ideology which befell during that time. However, South Sudanese currently doesn’t have political, economic, and cultural ideologies that would have been good for citizens. An ideological discerning gives a direction to politicians class that run the affairs of the country locally or internationally domains. When the political class left the core vision that guides them to make things work, that is political and economic progress.

South Sudan ended up at the Mercy of humanitarian agencies for ‘poverty’ reasons. Poverty becomes a way of life and when hostility takes precedent within the political class, the citizens grieve the most. Poverty doesn’t have political, economic regions, or tribes. It is universal across the spectrum of the marginalized class. Poverty caused Arab spring in North Africa which removed most of the Arab’s leaderships (Bin Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi, and El Bashir) that have used poverty as a tool to marginalization against their citizens in the Arabs world. Most of the Arabs world leaders are no longer in leadership because the proletariat revolution against the ‘national bourgeoisie became successful’, until one year ago when Bashir of Sudan met his fate/ disclination as a result of pushing his citizens into poverty.

South Sudan got independence ten years ago but installed the same tyranny ideology that they fought against. The country leadership has inherited corruption, the same policy of national security services of Bashir, the same ideology of buying political parties’ opposition within and out of the country as a means to hold them in power and avoid accountability. But forgetting the struggle of Anya-nya one and SPLA/M for the liberation struggle of this state. Can South Sudanese be united by poverty to remove President Salva from his current political leadership in the country? Poverty has invisible teeth and doesn’t require a timeframe of revenge. If autocrats of the Arabs world ended up in prison and death trap, it is likely to happen in South Sudan’s major cities such as Juba, Wau, and Malakal where people can be unified by poverty when they realized the political games played by leaders is no longer conceivable. Is not Shilluk, Nuer, Dinka or Maban is your enemy? Your enemy is the one that subjected you to poverty and failed to bring service to you. In Jonglei State, for example, it is not that Nuer or Dinka is your enemy. If they don’t fight against each other in Juba, why are you fighting at the state level? Do you know that your political leaders are making decent business across the world on you? It doesn’t matter how long it will take, but time will speak to itself. To my Equatorians peoples, it is not Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, or Maban that are the problems in the country. It’s a class of elite minorities who monopolized resources against a particular class of majority without resources. SPLA/M manifesto, the guideline to the liberation says, the liberators will remove the government of bourgeoisie in Khartoum and install the government of the proletariat in Sudan then. They failed to hold the promises and created the government of national elites, minority bourgeoisie. South Sudanese must know their enemy and if they know it, you can liberate yourselves and the ‘slogan should be poverty doesn’t have tribal borders/boundaries.



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