Position of Twic-Mayardit Community in the Diaspora on the recent conflict between Twic County and the Abyei Special Administration Area in which the citizens of Twic and non-Twic citizens, in Abyei areas, were massacred in cold-blood

Position of Twic-Mayardit Community in the Diaspora on the recent conflict between Twic County and the Abyei Special Administration Area in which the citizens of Twic and non-Twic citizens, in Abyei areas, were massacred in cold-blood


By Twic Mayardit Community in Diaspora (the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe)


To: H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, The President of the Republic of South Sudan, Juba

Your Excellence,

April 06, 2022 — First, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent presidential decree that ordered the formation of the Abyei-Twic investigation committee led by Vice President Hussein Abdulbagi and to also wish you every success in your endeavors. Equally, we would also like to convey to you our concerns and highlight the major one regarding the crisis of Aneet that led to the merciless killing of Twic County’s citizens and other citizens of South Sudan inside Abyei’s areas.

Your Excellence, the Twic Community Worldwide, namely the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe is shocked by the inhumane atrocities, targeted killings, and continuous violence against the people of the Twic County inside Abyei’s territory instigated by Abyei Chief Administrator, General Kuol Deim, and the wanton acts of cruelty perpetrated by Abyei youth, police, and security forces. The Twic Community in the diaspora has strongly condemned such acts of violence that have claimed the lives of innocents and posed a threat to the peace and security that our people dearly need in Twic County-Warrap State, South Sudan.

Sadly, countless numbers of our people were brutally murdered in the occupied areas of Twic county, Agok, which was allotted ( in 2002) as a camp for Ngok Dinka IDPS during the Sudan-Southern Sudan’s civil war and is now forcefully occupied in the form of civil administration by the Abyei administration and its security forces and the UNISFA. The Abyei-Twic crisis will undoubtedly result in further human suffering and will escalate if not managed immediately and with great care.

IMPORTANT: Your Excellence, within less than one week, a number of our people were targeted and killed in the Abyei areas, defying belief. There have been 178 confirmed killings, with many people still unaccounted for, and the list grows daily. The brutality of Abyei-Twic’s Crisis is both horrific and tragic. Wisdom is required to ensure that these genocidal acts against our people cease, and that the situation is peacefully resolved. Only then will the peace, security, and integrity of the suffering people of South Sudan be restored.

In the light of peace, the Twic Community in the diaspora urgently appeals to your good leadership, all authorities of the Government of South Sudan concern, the elders of our communities at large, and all the parties involved in finding a peaceful solution to this crisis.

Your Excellence, a time like this requires forgiveness, wisdom, and courage that surmounts differences and bitterness. Despite the horrific act of Twic-Abyei’s incident that has claimed the lives of our innocent people, we urge you to salvage an immediate and binding peaceful solution to a long-standing conflict. This conflict between Twic and Ngok Dinka of Abyei has culminated into a bitter communal war. Never do we want our people to fall victim to such senseless war-related killings and suffering again.

The sons and daughters of the Twic Mayardit community in the Diaspora grow ever more concerned. The continued atrocities, grave violations of human rights, and targeted killings of our people and other South Sudanese citizens have occurred inside the territory of Abyei and Twic County’s areas occupied by the Abyei Special Administration since Aneet’s communal fighting on February 9th, 2022, between Ngok Dinka of Kordofan-Sudan and Twic Mayardit Community of Bahr El Ghazal-South Sudan.

It is in the spirit of peace, and for the sake of our suffering people that we, the undersigned petitioners, do hereby submit our petition in the hope that your authority will take immediate action with regard to the following APPEALS:

(1) Protection of our citizens and territory: Having learned how our people were brutally killed inside Abyei, we request the deployment of South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) across the boundary between the Abyei Administrative Area of Kordofan—Sudan and Twic county of Bahr El Ghazal—South Sudan in accordance to the Republic of South Sudan territorial definition as stipulated in Article one (2) (a) that states “All lands and air space that constituted three former South Sudan provinces of Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria, and the Upper Nile in their boundaries, as stood on January 1st, 1956”, amended Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011. The Deployment of the SSPDF across the boundaries between the Abyei Special Administrative Area of Kordofan – Sudan and the Twic County of Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap State – South Sudan will not only protect the Twic-Mayardit Community from Ngok Dinka Youth and the Abyei Independent Brigade, but it will also protect the entire country from the proxy external conflict and aggression of Sudan, perpetuated by the Abyei Administration, whose status remains politically unsettled between Sudan and South Sudan.

Displaced population of Twic-Ngok communities(Photo credit: supplied)
(2) Repatriation of Twic’s citizens in Abyei: Equally, we request the repatriation of Twic Mayardit and other South Sudanese citizens who are still stranded inside Abyei following the outbreak of fighting in Aneet. The attack and massacring of our people in their legitimate land, Aneet, by Ngok Youth and Abyei Security was planned by the Abyei Special Administrative Area authorities and the Ngok Dinka politicians. Twic County has records of its citizens who were killed inside the Abyei territory, following the communal fight in Aneet. As a result, relatives in the diaspora possess as proof a list of the people killed in cold blood, including those from other parts of South Sudan who were non-Ngok Dinka or Twic citizens, yet slaughtered by Abyei youth and security forces. From the Warrap government’s report, we have also learned of persistent killings and maltreatment of our people that reside in Abyei and Twic County’s territories occupied by the Abyei Special administration.

IMPORTANT: In this regard, we appeal to your authority in urging those in charge of the Abyei Special Administrative Area to stop the killing of Twic-Mayardit citizens, as well as of other South Sudanese citizens who did not get a chance to flee from Abyei and are still in hiding inside Abyei’s territory. Indeed, we appeal to the government of South Sudan to provide escort forces to bring out Twic County citizens stranded inside Abyei areas to Twic County—South Sudan safely.

(3) Demarcation of Twic-Abyei Boundary: We urgently call for demarcation of the boundaries between the Abyei Special Administrative Area of Kordofan—Sudan and Warrap State—South Sudan.

On July 9th, 2011, after South Sudan became an independent country, the amended Transitional Constitution of South Sudan of 2011 clearly states that the Republic of South Sudan’s territory is defined in Article one (2) (a). The amended constitution postulates that “All lands and air space that constituted three former Southern Sudan provinces of Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria, and Upper Nile in their boundaries as stood on January 1st, 1956.” The 1956 boundary defined three provinces namely Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria, and Upper Nile Provinces to constitute the territory of the Republic of South Sudan.

The boundaries between Abyei of Kordofan—Sudan and Twic County—Warrap State, in the Bahr El Ghazal region of South Sudan, are therefore no longer provincial boundaries, as before the independence of South Sudan, but have become an international boundary between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

As a result, we appeal to your authority to demarcate this boundary and deploy your national army to protect the border as an international boundary between the Republic of South Sudan and Sudan until Abyei’s status is settled politically between Sudan and South Sudan.

We stress this request, as it is the responsibility of the national government to safeguard the international border as one of the primary responsibilities of the national government, and that it should not be left to the community to fight over the international boundaries. Indeed, Article (151) (b) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011, as amended, states “the mission of the national armed forces, in addition to its other duties, shall be to “defend the sovereignty of South Sudan.”

(4) Removal of Abyei Special Administration from Twic’s Territory: In addition, we request the Abyei Administrative Areas, inside Twic County’s land, to be moved back to Abyei’s territory, north of River Kiir.

It has now become clear that the Abyei Special Administrative authority has an intention to grab and occupy more lands of the Warrap state and other territories of South Sudan as indicated in the “Abyei Box Map.” The so-called “Abyei Box map” has erroneously and intentionally annexed areas of the Twic County straddle south of the Kiir River from Warawar (Aweil North) through Twic West (Akoc-thon Payam), Pannok Payam, Adiang Payam, Turalei Payam up to the Twic East (Ajak Kuac Payam). We have attached this map to clearly show how politicians of Abyei crafted the “Abyei Box.” The “Abyei Box,” in Figure #2, is feloniously crafted, making it dangerous at its best in even stealing places where not even a single “Ngok Dinka’s village or citizen” is found.

IMPORTANT: Should this map be left unrevised and the boundary between Twic County and the Abyei Special Administrative area demarcated, it would cause a proxy war engineered by Abyei politicians between Sudan and South Sudan. Having failed to recognize Kiir River as a physical boundary between Abyei and Twic county as stated on January 1st, 1956, boundaries agreement in Sudan, the politicians of Abyei deceitfully claimed international recognition of the “Abyei Box” (Figure #3, #4). Such a claim falsely shifted the boundary deep inside the Twic County land south of the Kiir River, making the UNISFA forcefully deploy its forces in areas that are legally Twic County, Warrap State territories. The boundary between Twic and Abyei is the Kiir River as shown in Figure #3, and the shifting of a known physical boundary from the Kiir River deep into the South of the Kiir River is an intentional provocation of the Twic Community by the Abyei Special Administrative area and by the Abyei politicians that crafted the map.

(5) Justice for our Citizens and Non-Twic Citizens Killed in Cold Blood in Abyei and other areas where there is a conflict between Twic and Ngok Dinka of Abyei:

Moreover, we request justice for our citizens mercilessly killed in Abyei. The report we have received from different sources on the ground, in particular testimonies of survivors of target killing inside Abyei’s territory, carried out by Abyei’s youth, the Abyei Independent Brigade and supported by the Abyei Chief administrator, General Kuol Deim, and Commander Ayuel Kiir, revealed a number of our people who lost their lives after Aneet’s incidents

IMPORTANT: Hence, we are appealing to your authority to investig those who have committed those atrocities to book or trial. We request that the Abyei Chief Administrator, Gen. Kuol Deim, and the Abyei commanding forces leader, Ayuel Kiir, be held accountable for the massacre and targeted killings of our people that occurred inside Abyei after Aneet’s incident. We are shocked to have learned of the killing of eighteen (18) officers in the Abyei Mission in Rumkoor. Allegedly, the eighteen (18) soldiers from Warrap county, most likely from Twic County, were disarmed and later killed. The Abyei Mission Bridge is commanded by Ayuel Kiir and Pagat Lual. As a result, we hold Ayuel Kiir and Pagat Lual responsible for the massacre of these officers, and as such we ask for an investigation as to what happened in Rumkoor’s Brigade.

(6) United Nation Interim Security Forces for Abyei (the UNISFA) to leave Twic County areas to Abyei’s territory, north of Kiir Rive Immediately: We demand that the United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei (the UNISFA) immediately leave Twic County areas and move to Abyei’s territory, north of Kiir River where its mandate is confined.

We have learned that the UNISFA forces, together with Abyei’s forces, were involved in enforcing land surveys in the Aneet areas that resulted in communal fighting between Abyei Ngok Dinka of Kordofan of Sudan and the people of Twic County of South Sudan. Clearly, the UNISFA has failed to recognize the existence of an international boundary between Twic County and the Abyei Special Administrative area, and thus, the UNISFA illegally crossed the international boundary to conduct the survey and as well carried out combat in areas where its mandate is not confined.

Such a failure by the UNISFA disregards May 13, 2019, UN Security Council Resolution 2469 (2019) which recognized that the current situation in Abyei and along the border between Sudan and South Sudan continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security. In keeping with this, we ask your authority to press the UNISFA to provide their report on the Aneet incident. That is to say, the UNISFA must report activities inside Abyei territory, during and after the incident that has claimed many lives of our people.

Indeed, we have learned of the involvement of the UNISFA forces in fighting alongside Abyei Forces that resulted in the killing of innocent civilians of Twic county inside Twic’s territory. The survivors testified to the involvement of the UNISFA in the killing of our people and that the UNISFA’S forces were fighting alongside Abyei’s security and youth forces in Twic County territory. We, therefore, appeal to your authority to investigate and review the UNISFA’s mandate and stop them from exceeding the Abyei Special Administrative Area territory.


(7) Call for People of Abyei to Promote Peace and Non-violence: More importantly, through your good office, we ask the people of Abyei to promote dialogue, not violence. People of Abyei are engaged in verbal attacks against our elders and politicians in the media. Assaulting or verbally abusing our leaders and elders, like Uncle Bona Malual Madut Ring, Honorable Charles Majak Aleer, and Honorable Nyadeng Malek is unacceptable and should immediately cease.

Such verbal attacks may potentially ignite a response from our youth, which, in turn, would exacerbate the conflict. We also ask the elders of the Ngok Dinka community, Dr. Francis Mading Deng, and others, to stop speeches that encourage their youth to seek violence. In 2021, in Nairobi Kenya, Dr. Mading Deng made an inciting speech that today encourages the Abyei youth to commit atrocities against the Twic Mayardit people in Abyei. Instead of encouraging violence, we appeal to the Abyei elders, in the person of Dr. Madiing Deng, to join ranks with our elders like Bona Malual Madut and Honorable Charles Majak Aleer to bring peace and reconciliation between the sisterly community.

(8) It is with great consternation that we have also learned that General Akuei Ajou of Majakkol brigade and his bodyguards physically assaulted Twic County Commissioner, Mr. Deng Tong Koc, after which he was held at gunpoint. We strongly condemn such acts of violence which have both humiliated and disrespected the Commissioner and the Twic Community in general. We request that such an incident be investigated thoroughly and that General Akuei Ajou be disciplined for this affront to the commissioner and, in turn, the Twic Community.

(9) We are greatly concerned with the investigative team, headed by the Vice President, H.E. Hussien Abdulbagi Ayie. We have learned with great dismay that the investigative committee has made the following resolutions:

That the security of Aneet is to be handed to Ayuel Kiir of the Abyei Brigade, General Makal, and Gen. Ring Chom of Majakol Brigade
That Ngok Dinkas, who ran away from Aneet due to the communal fight, be asked to return to occupy Aneet
That the administration of Aneet remains under Abyei Administration
That the bloodletting of bulls, a traditional Dinka ritual in which the blood of a bull is spilled between rivalry communities, be sacrificed in Aneet
That the Twic chiefs and the Commissioner be asked to sign resolution and reconciliation documents.
We are baffled by such a one-sided rush to judgment, and by this method of reconciliation. Such an approach to this conflict, which has claimed the lives of many innocent people, cannot bring about the lasting peace we need to achieve. Hence, we request that there be a fair and just settlement to the Twic Abyei conflict that will benefit the two communities in achieving a binding solution.

(10) Assisting Internally Displaced People (IDPs): Finally, but equally important, we urge the government of South Sudan and the United Nations to assist internally displaced people (the IDPS) with food, shelter, and medications. Since the communal fighting broke out in Aneet, the Internally displaced People (IDPs), who fled to Twic County, are still unassisted by the Government of South Sudan and the UN agencies with food, shelter, and medications. We ask the government of South Sudan to press the UN agencies to address the needs of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Twic County. Please refer to the images (#7 and #8) attached.

(11) Conclusion: We request the administration of Aneet and towns south of Kiir River be administered by Twic County, Warrap State. Legally, Aneet is Twic county’s land, situated in the middle of Anganya, specifically in the area called Athony in Kuac Anganya. Kuac is composed of six sections: Anganya, Ator, Ayuang, Guotjuor, Aheer, and Duor. These six sections are divided into two sections: Anganya, Ator and Ayuang are called Athony and Duor, Aheer, and Guotjuor are called Akurbiok. To reiterate, “Aneet” is in the middle of Athony but “Diil ” of Ngok Dinka of Abyei is not in the middle here. DIIL is not even a part of Kuac, otherwise, Kuac would have had seven sections, which is impossible. We have 36 villages of Anganya and Ayuang before reaching Aneet and Diil is not a part of this. Where would Diil of Abyei insert itself here? From Aneet to Amidgorou Southward we have Kolluoth, Malual dau, Acuong, Majokahot, Ahot, and Abii before one steps foot in the water of Amidgorou. Where is Diil here? And from the East of Aneet to Ajak Kuac, we have Mabuny, Majakkol, Manhawan, Kethdhac, Nyaguong, Dombolnhiim, Panameth, to downtown Ajak Kuac; Diil isn’t here too.

We request that the administration of Aneet to be handed over to Twic County where Aneet belongs and not shared between the two communities (Twic and Ngok) as Dr. Francis Mading Deng suggested in his article. Simply speaking, Aneet belongs to Twic County, and as such MUST be administered by the Twic County. We ardently appeal for the Aneet issue and the demarcation of the Twic and Abyei boundary not to be once again ignored or be deferred further to an indefinite time, as Dr. Francis Mading Deng alluded to in his article entitled, “A Personal Perspective on the Ngok-Twic Conflict in Aneet,” published by the Sud Institute. We want the TWIC-ABYEI boundary issue addressed immediately to avoid fostering conflict between the two communities.

Your Excellence, we hope that under your leadership the people of Twic County will achieve peace. After the establishment of the Abyei Administration, our people, in their territory as well as inside Abyei’s territory, have suffered a great deal at the hands of Abyei youth, security forces, and the Abyei Special Administration. With dismay, we learn, year after year, that our people disappear from their farms or to the farms, inside Abyei territories, where they sought employment. Our people, as repeatedly reported by the Twic County Administrations and Warrap State authorities, are frequently prosecuted inside Abyei territory or unreasonably maltreated or jailed for no apparent reason. Hence, we are calling upon you to bring about a peaceable solution to this crisis through nonviolent negotiations. We salute your great leadership.

Sincerely yours,

Signed by the following members on the behalf of Twic-Mayardit Community in the Diaspora

NO. (#) Full Names Title Country of

Telephone # Email address Signature:
by saying


1 Morris Kuol Yoll Chairperson of Twic-Mayardit Diaspora


Alberta, Canada 403-830-9278 Endorsed
2. Ring Marol, Chairman Chairman of
Twic-Mayardit Community in



Ontario, Canada 519-819-0448 Endorsed
3 Ayir Kuot Malok Chairman of
Twic-Mayardit Community in Alberta,


Alberta, Canada 403-988-8533 Endorsed
4 James Mathon Atem Chairman of
Twic-Mayardit Community in Manitoba,


Manitoba, Canada 204-952-1639 Endorsed
5 Achuil Giir Acting
Chairman of

Twic-Mayardit Community of Canada,


Ontario, Canada 602-348-2650 Endorsed
7 | Page

6 Mr.Chol Ring Bol Chairman of
Twic-Mayardit Community in the USA,


Arizona, USA 480-519-5616 Endorsed
7 Lawyer. Riak Atem Lok Member Alberta, Canada 403-618-0933 Endorsed
8 Lawyer. Bol Paul
Yach Nyuol

Member Sydney, Australia 614-518-56382 Endorsed
9 Martino Atem Kunjok Former Deputy chairperson of Investment

Warrap State

South Sudan.,



306-209-8664 Endorsed
10 Joseph Majak Tuok Former
Commissioner of Twic county, and Minister of Information of Defunct Twic

State, Member

Arizon, USA 928-350-0557 Endorsed
11 Makuach Ajiig, Chol Member Arizona, USA 602-900-2163 Endorsed
12 Kiir Akol Former
Chairman of

Twic-Mayatrdit Community in

the USA,


Arizon, USA 804-308-6493 Endorsed
13 Deng Mayiik Atem Former
Chairman of

Twic-Mayardit Community in

USA, Member

Arizona, USA 602-348-2650 Endorsed
14 Makieu Ngeu Former,
Chairman of

Ajak Kuac,



Melbourne, Australia 614-346-4436 Endorsed
15 Ring Akier Kuot Member Ontario, Canada 613-407-7937 Endorsed
16 Yac Mabior Tiel Member Alberta, Canada 403-561-2721 Endorsed
17 Williams Mawien Member Alberta, Canada 587-892-4975 Endorsed
18 Mawiir Ajang Tong Member Alberta, Canada 403-605-1849 Endorsed
19 Angelina Ajok Atem Member Alberta, Canada 403-619-7154 Endorsed
20 Mabior Madut Chol Member Melbourne, Australia 041-175-1836 Endorsed
8 | Page

21 Albino Kon Nyuol Member British Columbia,

778-779-2577 Endorsed
22 Peter Ajang Mathok Member Manitoba, Canada 204-229-1746 Endorsed
23 Guch Akoi Teeng Member Alberta, Canada 403-464-1559 Endorsed
24 Andrew Ring Juk Member Ontario, Canada 613-879-8870 Endorsed
25 Chol Makuc Member Alberta, Canasa 403-305-3360 Endorsed
26 Atem Malou Deng Member Alberta, Canda 403-903-3447 Endorsed
27 Jokrial Machar Member Alberta, Canada 780-977-7991 Endorsed
28 Deng Akier Kuot Member Alberta, Canada 403-793-1676 Endorsed
29 Myaom Noon Member Alberta, Canada 403-714-1611 Endorsed
30 Ring Dau Member Alberta, Canada 403-402-448 Endorsed
34 Rose Abang Kuot Acting
Representative of Twic



Community in



Norway, Erurope 316-840-58231 Endorsed

H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, The First Vice president of the Republic of South Sudan 2. H.E. Dr. Wani Iga, Second Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan
H.E. Hussain Abdulbagai Ayei Akol Vic President and Investigation Committee Chairman 4. H.E. Taban Deng Gai, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan
H.E. Madam Nyadeng Garang deMabior, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan 6. H.E. Gen. Aleu Ayieny, Governor of Warrap State
Honorable, Jemma Nunu Kumba, Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly (RSS) 8. Honorable, Charles Majak Aleer, Member of Parliament
Honorable Nyadeng Malek, Member of Parliament
General Akol Koor Kuch National Security Service ( RSS)
Honorable Tut Kew, Presential Security Advisor (RSS)
Honorable Peter Lam Both, Acting Secretary-General of the SPLM
Honorable Bona Malual Madut Ring, Twic-Mayardit Community Elder
Honorable Melanie Joly, Canada Minister of Foreign Affairs
Honorable Anthony Blinken, Secretary of the State of the United States of America 16. Honorable Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia
Honorable, Asma Mohamed Abdalla, Minister of Foreign Affair of Sudan 18. Honorable Demeke Mekonnen, Ethiopia Minister of Foreign Affairs
Honorable Christian Bader, European Union (EU) Ambassador to South Sudan 20. Honorable Antonio Guterrs, Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) 21. Honorable Nicholas Hyson, United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
Major General Benjamin Olufemi Sawyer, Acting Head of Mission and Force Commander, United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA)
Honorable Yasmin Sooka, Chair of the Human Rights Commission in South Sudan
Honorable Ambassador, Dr. Ismail Wais, The intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Eastern Africa Special Envoy for South Sudan
Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO)
South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA)
United South Sudan African Party (USSAP)
United South Sudan Party (USSP)
United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF)
Sudan African National Union (SANU)
Democratic Change (DC)

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