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Police arrest suspect in murder of Budi Commissioner’s wife


Eastern Equatoria State police have arrested the man suspected to have killed his sister-in-law, who is also the wife of Budi County Commissioner on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old prime suspect, whose name the police withheld is also a brother to Commissioner Akileo Mboya Peter.

He killed the unnamed sister-in-law on Wednesday while the Commissioner was in the state capital, Torit.

“The brother of the commissioner has killed his wife. So, the cause of the problem is not yet even confirmed because we late arrived yesterday and the culprit is now in custody,” said Police Investigator, Technical Sergeant Major Dario Lochek.

The motive behind the murder is unclear.

But the police detective said they have launched an investigation to ascertain the root cause of the incident.

“When the incident happened, I was with the commissioner in Torit, so we came yesterday, I came with the commissioner, we arrived in Chukudum yesterday. I should have to go there so that I tell exactly what happened, because he has already killed the wife of the commissioner and we don’t know the reason he killed the woman.”


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