PCCA patriot segment withdraws from the coalition, citing some members collision with government

PCCA patriot segment withdraws from the coalition, citing some members collision with government

By Political Reporter

The leadership of the United Citizens for Change or UCC has officially resigned from the joint coordinated activities program for popular uprising with the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA) and other partners who signed the August 20 Communique.

“This means that the UCC had completely ceased participating in the joint meetings and coordinated activities for popular uprising with immediate effect,” the statement received by Juba Mirror on Monday partly reads.

On August 20, the UCC participated in a joint communique signed by the PCCA, Red Card Movement (RCM), and the National People’s Movement (NPM) to topple the government.
But in the withdrawal communique dated October 24, the alliance revealed that it had to withdraw over some members suspected collision with the government, which was not within their agenda.
“The UCC initiated the negotiations with the PCCA, RCM, and NPM and others with a view of establishing a joint body to coordinate activities towards toppling the doctorial regime in Juba,”

“However, the UCC leadership has been taken aback for learning about the existing links between some members of the PCCA with Jieng Council of Leaders JCE and the National Secuirty Service (NSS) in Juba,” the statement disclosed.

The people who have the links with the national Secuirty Service and the Jieng Council of Elders have not been revealed in the press release.

“This has created concerns and, regrettably, we had not been able to resolve these concerns with the party involved. This has meant persistent lack of transparency and unproductive endeavours in dialogue, despite efforts we made to resolve the issue,” they said.

The statement added “It is against these backdrops that the UCC decided to withdraw “

The group also appreciated Mr. Rajab Mohandis for demonstrated to have resigned from the Institute he worked for in Juba.


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