Over half of Gogrial East County devastated by floods

The Warrap State government has announced that Gogrial East County has been hard hit by the ongoing floods in the state.

“This is the comprehensive report of flood damage in Warrap state 2022. The rains started heavily in the mid of July and increased in August, rising waters to high levels causing massive displacement of humans and animals and the loss of livestock and agriculture production” William Wol Mayom, Warrap state information minister told Radio Tamazuj Monday.

Wol added that report was compiled by the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and humanitarian partners in the state.

“As per the assessment, Gogrial East county is leading in terms of flood damage it has recorded as highest as 56% and this percentage is drawn from 90,324 affected population and this is in 15,054 households. The county has a projected population of 137,256 as of the 2008-2022 statistical estimate,” he explained.

Minister Wol said 133,584 people were affected in Gogrial West county, 108,000 people were affected in Tonj North, 23,766 people were affected in Tonj South, 19,380 people were affected in Tonj East and 38,134 people from Twic county were affected by the floods.

The minister said the national and state governments have responded by mobilizing food aid for the affected households but the process of delivering the aid has been hampered by poor road networks.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, about 34 percent of the population of Warrap State, an equivalent of 415,156 people were affected and are in dire need of food and non-food items.

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