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Over 30,000 people displaced in an inter communal attack in GPAA

Photo taken by Emmanuel Malual Makuach in Ayod 2014
Photo taken by Emmanuel Malual Makuach in Ayod 2014

08 May 2021 (JUBA) At least 32,000 peoples have been displaced on Friday in Greater Pibor Administrative Area, following a coordinated attack by armed youths allegedly from Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor.

Officials in the area have finger pointed the armed youths from Jonglei State for an earthly attack in Kongor Payam of Lekuangole County.

Kabacha Ole Konyi, Secretary General of GPAA, have accused armed individuals comprised of Lou-Nuer and Bor Dinka for the deadly attacks in several villages at Kongor Payam.

‘’ As result of this offensive attacks, the massive displacement occurred in several villages of Nyergeny, Tontol,Othagon,Irithalan,Monchak,Wunngony,Dhalmany, Walak, Nyamadhing, Kolon, Lokurthuk,Loguthule,Keleknya,Vormala,Oden,Mur,Gegenyo, Tueny and Wuno’’, he stated in a statement extended to the Juba Mirror on Saturday.

Konyi, urged authorities in Jonglei State to hold the perpetrators accountable over the Friday incident of which he claimed many lives lost.

‘’We are urging the authorities in Jonglei State to accept full accountability regarding the provocative and risky behaviour portrayed by SPLA-IO militias, Lou Nuer youths and Dinka Bor armed youths,’’ he said.

He accused the Sudan People Liberation Army in opposition for failing to control the armed youths mainly from Nuer ethnic group. He said members of the armed in opposition forces were involved in the Friday aggressive.

SPLA-IO denied the attacks:

William Gatjiath Deng, SPLA-IO spokesman in an interview with the Thejubamirror refuted claims about their forces involvement during the attack.

‘’It is baseless claims, I repeated! It is baseless by officials from Greater Pibor Administrative Area’’. If I may ask what is their events that our forces have hand in that attack? he asked.

He said the conflict between Murle, Nuer and Dinka in Jonglei State had existed for many years, and accused officials for what he said a fabricated political accusations.

Deng said, ‘’the conflict between all these tribes has been there long ago, and should not be used as political counter attacks,’’ he warned!

Inter-communal in relation to cattle raids attacks among the communities in Jonglei State has been common in the decade, and have claimed hundred lives along their common border areas.

Several peace talks was initiated by the triangle communities to arrest the deadly conflicts, but nothing bear result full in all process of negotiations.



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