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Over 10 killed, 7 wounded in Lakes State cattle raid


Lakes State officials have confirmed that more than 10 people were killed and seven others wounded, including polio vaccinators in a cattle raid in Lakes State on Sunday.

The police spokesman Captain Elijah Mabor Makuac told Radio Tamazuj that a group of armed youth allegedly from Rumbek North County went to raid cattle from the neighboring Gok community, resulting in the violence that led to the deaths.

“It happened yesterday (Sunday) at 1 pm. In the morning a group of armed youth from Rumbek North went to raid cattle in Gok at 11 am. They fought, five people were killed and four injured from both sides. Two people were killed from the attackers’ side and one person was injured. The ones who were attacked, three were killed, three injured. The fighting continued and the attackers were chased away,” Mabor explained. “Until 1 pm an NGO vehicle heading to Maker fell in the crossfire and was shot at. Two people were killed, a policeman and a civilian, and three people were injured. The fighting continued and three others from the attackers were killed.”

He said all the injured and dead bodies were brought to Rumbek Hospital on Monday.

According to the medical director at Rumbek Hospital Doctor Barnaba Bol Amukpiu, three health workers from the ministry of health including a woman were killed while traveling to Rumbek North county for a polio vaccination campaign.

“The people were traveling for polio vaccinations campaign and were shot at. They brought two people dead, and an injured woman died while at the hospital on Monday morning,” he added.

He said the polio vaccination campaign will be suspended until the general security situation is improved. The doctor called on the government to intervene and provide security in the region, saying killings have become rampant.

A youth activist in Rumbek North county Mathiang Dut Dhelbeny condemned the killings of the health workers saying the attack will derail the provision of health services in the area.


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