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By Santino Aduol Madut.

Your Excellency, with all due respect to your exalted office we the entire Youth of South Sudan humbly wish to use this medium to express our lack of confidence in the continued existence of Dr. Albino Bol as minister of Youth and Sports in Revitalise transitional Government of National Unity as a result of his numerous flaws in the Youth and Sports Development Sector.

“Sir, your complacency in responding to the yearnings and aspirations of the Youths conveyed in writing to your enviable office exposing the numerous flaws of the said minister in managing the Youths and sports ministry remains an albatros to proper youth transformation in the country.

“Against this backdrop,Youth and Sports Development Programmes and Projects are in dire deplorable state. The Youth and Sports Sector lacks focus and zeal due to Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu mishandling of youth affairs in our dear country South Sudan. Dr Albino is inheriting hatred among the Youth of South Sudan but not only that, Dr Albino bol had paid 5 Millions pounds to hired impeachment of Mr Gola Boyoi chairman of South Sudan National Youth. this is pathetic jealousy of Dr Albino Bol because he is not cooperating with National Youth Union due to the face that he failed to achieved tangible things in his tenure as chairman of South Sudan National Youth Union.

The various ministers of Youth Ministry have been fair but since the unfortunate appointment of Dr Albino Bol Dhieu as minister of Youth and sports, the youths are afraid that your integrity as the Youth loving president is at stake in view of the numerous official shortcomings of Mr Albino Bol in handling the Youth matters.

Dr Albino bol is well known Corrupt person, he privatize all the cars which were given to him in the Names of South Sudan National Youth Union when he was then chairman that lead to Resignation of some of his keys executives including secretary of Finance.

The fallout of the misdemeanor of Mr Albino Bol with charismatic leadership of South Sudan National Youth Union is most evident in his inefficiency in the mismanagement and mishandling the Youth equel to which have factionalized and devalued the revered apex youth body.

Dr Albino Bol is an egocentric leader who is well known emulate person, he is now playing a cold war against the hardworking Gentleman in the name of Gola Boyoi chairman of South Sudan National Youth union who is committed to transform Youth of South Sudan through Youth empowerment projects.

The shortfall in integration and sensitization of youths in youth activities is a glaring evidence of the Dr. Albino bol incapability to hold the important office as minister of Youths and Sports in Revitalise transitional Government of National Unity.

“The above mentioned inefficiencies of Dr. Albino Bol as minister of Youth and Sports has prompted the progressive youths of South Sudan to pass an irrevocable vote of no confidence and hereby demanding for immediate relieve of his appointment as minister of Youth and Sports.

Long live South Sudan

long live president Salva Kiir.

long live SPLM.

Dr Albino Bol must Go.

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