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Open letter to his Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit seeking intervention to a war declared on Honorable Nhial Deng Nhial.*

Open letter to his Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit seeking intervention to a war declared on Honorable Nhial Deng Nhial.*

By Molana Wani Emmanuel KualeRespectfully, Your Excellency

,As a nationalist in this country with full records and proof of the country’s history and all of the contributions of every leader and our fellow citizens from all three regions in the Republic of South Sudan, I truly believe that it is your responsibility as our president, to protect everyone’s life and property across the country. Similarly, as long as you occupy this high office, I hope you will safeguard everyone: friends, community, and allies as you do to your extended family.

And as such, I am hereby suggesting to let your highest authority intervene in the case of war waged on Honorable Nhial Deng Nhial who is targeted by spy chief Gen. Akol Koor Kuc who has been claiming that he is fighting Nhial as per your instructions. That means Akol Koor is fighting Nhial on behalf of you Mr. President according to his words to many people who attempted to reconcile them. Many people including myself have obtained proof showing that Akol Koor is emboldened to destroy Nhial and many other people on your behalf as he repeatedly says. And when asked for what he is fighting these people, he says he is implementing Beny Kiir’s orders.

I and many other people have been observing several strategies being put in place by Akol Koor and his groups to eliminate Nhial within a maximum of two years from now. There are groups of intelligent strategists and tacticians equipped and tasked to ensure Nhial is damaged politically and possibly eliminated. However, it is a long story rooted in numerous things which you know a large part of it and therefore I will not talk about all machinations and everything contrived to eliminate him, but let me summarize a very specific part of a meaningless war Akol Koor waged on Nhial for years now.

Recently Akol Koor and his strategists came up with a peace initiative meant to buy off Nhial’s supporters and other people that are not Akol Koor’s loyalists to be used as advanced tools in an all-out war of Akol Koor against Nhial in a duration of 1 to 2 years.

So far there are numbers of Nhial’s supporters and Nhial’s opponents who are recruited by Akol Koor to be used against Nhial by sending some of them to you and discuss or tell nasty things against Nhial such that you will be able to trust Nhial: their names are as follows;

A). Recruited allies of Nhial…

1. Dr. Riek Gok Majok (PhD), rewarded with a brand new Vanguard car and 20,000 USD and assigned as a team leader of recruitment and peace programs initiative under Akol Koor’s command.

2. Hon. Salva Mathok Geng (MP), now assigned as a chairman for Akol Koor amnesty peace committee, coordinating peace negotiations between Akol Koor and everyone at odds with Akol Koor or his loyalists.

3. Hon. Paul Dhel Gum, spying agent and diplomatic relations affairs for internal and external.

Recruited supporters of Nhial…

1. Lt. Col. David Marial Gumkek, rewarded with assignment to Israel as military/security attaché.

2. Lt. Col Malok Bol Akot, special advisor to Akol Koor and his groups on Tonj South Affairs and businesses.

3. Mangor Dhuol Mangong, assigned to be monitoring all payments in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to ensure the interests of Akol Koor and his groups are served/paid.

4. Captain Maker Yuol Majuol, awarded with contracts and assigned as a team leader of recruiters and mobilizers.

5. Eng. Michael Wetnhialic Maluel, is given 12,000,000 SSP but he declined to turn against Nhial Deng, Gregory Vasilis and Thiik Thiik Mayardit.

6. Amb. Clement Deng Akech, has not been rewarded yet due to his reluctance to wage war on Nhial Deng, Keer Keer, Bol Wek Agoth and Paul Malong Awan.

7. Hon. Wol Mayom Bol, assigned for research and recruitment for Akol Koor’s political agenda.

8. Hon. William Deng Chol, assigned as a researcher and media war coordinator.

9. Hon. Mayik Ayii Deng (MP), assigned for bridging foreign backup and mobilization of resources and people for Akol Koor’s political agenda.

10. Lt. Col Akucwel Mathiang Magordit, awarded with valuable contracts in the oil sector and Ministry of Defence, is one of Akol Koor’s right-hand men who are responsible for coordinating magically or spirituality work on Akol as he brought many of them from across the country and Nigeria.

B). Recruited opponents of Nhial;

1. Louis Anei Madut Kuendit, assigned to the ground preparation for Akol Koor’s future political agenda.

2. Kuol Fidel Majok, assigned to proxy finance and project management.

3. Gen. Mathews Mathiang Magordit, assigned to Petroleum Police Unit and he is providing information and destructive materials to be used by the people who are engaged in a war against Nhial.

4. Hon. Chaguor Adong Manyang, awarded with military ranks from zero to Brigadier General of NSS/ISB. He is assigned as a strategist in Parliament Juba and an agent/informant of Akol Koor working undercover.

5. Hon. Deng Dau Malek is also being used by Akol Koor in delivering to you President Kiir conspiracy theories against Nhial.

Your excellency, as you see in this conspiracy above, the vast majority of these individuals will be arrange to meet you in order to speak negatively about Nhial Deng; that is Akol Koor’s argument in his all-out battle with Nhial. Your Excellency, I would want to clarify that individuals characterized as Nhial’s allies or supporters are not his allies or supporters; rather, they are your followers who believe Nhial is sincerely dedicated to you and this nation, which is why Nhial is considered as a threat to those criminal groups. I urge you to give no ears to their fake claim they will label against Nhial once they meet you.


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