Open Letter to H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, concerning nefarious behaviour of General Gregory Vasili aka Deng Kuac Aduol and Hon. Salva Mathok Grengdit*

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*Open Letter to H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, concerning nefarious behaviour of General Gregory Vasili aka Deng Kuac Aduol and Hon. Salva Mathok Grengdit*

By Molana Achuil Ater Akook, a concerned citizen of Gogrial and Warrap State.

Dear President, please accept my salutations and best wishes for a successful new year in your pursuit of peace and good governance. Every citizen hopes that 2022 will be the year of peace and tranquility, as evidenced by your new year message in which you recommitted to the full implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and Rome Peace (holdout rebels).

Mr. President, I am writing to inform you that your government and your powerful personality and the entire first family have suffered enough as a result of the criminal records of your family members, particularly your brother-in-law, the infamous millionaire army General Gregory Vasili Demitry, Deputy Director-General of the General Intelligence Bureau (GIB).

Your Excellence, I have no desire to publicly discuss all of the dirty things/crimes that some of your family members have been openly perpetrating, but because I lack access and this is a subject of public concern, I will attempt to endure regret and write this piece about how your brother-in-law wealthy Gregory Nyanjock is sabotaging your leadership and endangered lives and properties of innocent people for many years without legal actions against him. The troubles that Gen. Gregory Vasili is doing are enormous, and they are risking the lives of innocent people who are your voters that need to be protected by your government. Some people have already lost their lives, properties and others injured and lost part of their bodies due to torture. Gen. Gregory is a disgrace to your government and the entire first family, to say the least. You and your wife Ayen know this.

First, let me remind you that under the name of your brother-in-law Gen. Gregory Vasili, also known as Gen. Deng Kuac Aduol, there have been over 70 significant incidences of land grabbing documented in Juba and Wau. The judiciary system of Central Equatoria State and that of the national government have all the legal records of lands grabbed by your brother-in-law. Despite the fact that Gregory has lost 60% of these cases and even some of his bodyguards have been seriously battling, got harmed, or killed by landowners in the process of forceful eviction, Gregory continues to use lethal force without shame. Hon. Elia Lomoro and Lt. Kuol Fidel Majok are among the people who defeated Gregory legally and in a physical war where they retained their lands and Gregory’s guards were beaten and injured badly.

Many defenseless citizens are being threatened with death if they do not give up their lands to Gen. Gregory. In doing so, he employs armed soldiers from the national army, police, and occasionally the national security service to maintain intimidation and life-threatening threats on land ownership in Wau and Juba. The majority of the victims are vulnerable Equatorians and other non-Dinka who have no connection to the army generals as a relative. Because of bribery, intimidation, and periodically confused Mama Mary Ayen Mayardit, the First Lady of this country to involve her, so that the country’s legal system favors him in case of the Court ruling. Your excellence, this crook is not only destroying your family but your government, the ruling party[SPLM], and your novel character.

A good example is that, in the meantime, due to your brother-in-law Gen. Gregory’s frustration over ownership of the plot (Mango Camp) stolen from old man Equatorian, Gen. Gregory personally threatened to kill innocent young men Maror Akol Maror, Mayai Malueth Ajang, and Machor Valentino because they are telling him the right procedures. Mr. President, as a result of your brother-in-law, do not respect the law, the military court in Bilpam and other civil courts have recently attempted to address some of these instances, but Gregory refuses to follow the Court rulings, claiming that he has the leverage of being a member of the Royal Family. Now, where will the poor and defenseless Equatorians and others go to seek justice for the lands and other valuable properties taken forcefully from them by powerful millionaire Gregory Nyanjock who has everything at his disposal to win everything in his favor?

Apart from his greedy maternal uncle Hon. Salva Mathok, who is working day and night to kill over 150 cases of grabbed lands in Juba and elsewhere in South Sudan, Gen. Gregory alone has over 70 cases of grabbed lands. Take a look at some of the other vile things said in your brother-in-law’s name, Gen. Gregory. Gregory Vasili Demitry, a Greece native, who is notorious due to his alcoholism, sexual abuse of women and young girls, vast corruption, and violations of human rights, all of which led to UN sanctions on him and the country in 2019.

Criminal cases of land grabbing in name of Gregory and Salva Mathok have dominated media on daily basis, your office and Blue House with other institutions are well-informed about these. Gengdit, are the leaders of the illegal gold mining in Equatoria. Mathok has recently disagreement with General Obotu Mamur Mete because General Mamur wants to formalise gold mining in eastern Equatoria, something General Mathok and his nephew Gregory are incompatible with. They have threatened to do anything possible to see General Mamur dropping his reform agenda.

You are quite familiar with your brother-in-law’s social life and career, which has a long history of disgrace and violence. Gregory is undeniably a powerful man who will go to any length to get what he wants no matter what. Despite the wealth in the First Family, still, Gen. Gregory, Salva Mathok, Thiik Thiik Mayardit and sometimes in the names of Ayendit are receiving million of USD from people such that one can get an assignment in the government and to be able to do any business in South Sudan. Also, because of the riches and influence that Lual Akook Wol enjoyed at the time, he happily gave his daughter to your nephew, Lual Akook, also known as Lual Marine. Following Lual’s death, Gregory did not pursue the case of his deceased son-in-law, instead, he shamelessly rushed to seize all of the late Lual’s assets, which were intended to be owned by his daughter Mia Gregory and the Lual family.

Gregory recently attended his daughter Ayen Gregory’s second wedding ceremony, which was getting married to national security officer Abraham Kuc Kuol, a lawyer by profession. Despite this, marriage brought grief as two ladies died at the wedding, the first of whom died instantaneously and the other of whom died after a few hours. Madam late Ayak, the first female and mother of six children, died as a result of a faulty electrical connection at Gen. Gregory’s house, where the wedding ceremony was placed at night. The wedding ceremony continues after the woman dies as a result of the electric shock.

Following the wedding, one of the groom’s family members left immediately in the evening to fly to America with her daughter Amin, but unfortunately, Amin died the next day upon their arrival in America. The premature deaths of those two women were due to the disgusting Gen. Gregory, who was cursed a long time ago. While people wait for the postmortem, some are skeptical that she died as a result of the consequences of the food she ate during Gregory’s 2 days of full accommodations in Juba.

My final question to you, Mr. President, is why does your administration enable this criminal to torture and kill innocent people and not hold him accountable? Is it because he is your in-law? The last question is to the general public, why are you constantly silent when criminals like Gregory Vasili do severe crimes, but you chant the names of Gen. Akol Koor Kuc, Gen. Victor Atem Atem Angok, Hon. Tut Gatluak Manime, Dr. Chol Deng Thon, Hon. Mayik Ayii Deng and other leaders who have done nothing nefarious like Gregory’s endless capital offenses? Or do you fear him because he is a brother-in-law of President Kiir Mayardit?

Let us be honest yajama.

The author is a member of Gogrial who is concerned about the crimes of Gregory.

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