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Open letter to First Lady Mama Ayen Mayardit.

South Sudan,
Date 27/03/2021

Open letter to First Lady Mama Ayen Mayardit.

I would like to congratulate you for being a magnificent mother of this beautiful nation and I thank God for giving us this splendid gifted. You have been stood with us in both day and night without denying your citizen and that is a true love of mother to her children. You never ran away when things turn into deteriorating. You still distinctively and charamistic mother of South Sudan of which we the citizen of this country will never hault applauding to you. Please make sure that a brilliant First Lady like you will never walk alone forever and ever. Now we South Sudanese are loft for having you whether you want to acknowledge it or not. You’re supportable, applaudable and lovable in greater South Sudan.

Dearest Mama, I want to acknowledge you about the arresting of South Sudan legend musician Afro-beats Larson Angok Garang Wieu. I don’t recognise whether you heard it or not. Hence, I’m assuring you that Mr.Larson Angok Garang was arrested by Criminal Investigation Department in Wau, South Sudan and deported to Juba. He has been putted in detention for almost three weeks without investigation and that is a kind of abuse, oppression, and injustice. All his colleagues, relatives and family are denied to see him in custody. As you’re great mother of all time, I begging you to release our legend musician Mr. Larson Angok Garang who is also the die-hard supporter of H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit. Since he was putting in custody without properly charges it means that he don’t had problem rather than tarnishing his image. He was arrested by four senior government officials and three musicians from Northern Bhar El Ghazal State.

My dearest Mama, Larson Angok Garang Wieu is a South Sudan veteran musician, flag-waving and truehearted of our beloved Nation. He couldn’t be jailed for almost three weeks without investigation. It’s kind of oppression, corruption and injustice of which you should intervene to release him. It’s unbecoming to intimidate and developing arbitrary arresting to those who are shielding president in his daily progress activities. Obviously, he is pure innocent man that should be congratulated for being president’s diehard booster. In this time ” a fly will not get into a closed mouth and a good salad may be the prologue to a bad supper.” Please a good neighbor, a good morrow.

Over and over, I felt disgusted when I see the shielder of our beloved president was arrested and harassed without concivable matter. I was even cries out sharply and realized that there is huge marginalisation and massive of injustice still forward emotion in South Sudan. Meanwhile we’re still celebrating peace revitalization in our country that was brought by our noble leader H. E president Salva Kiir Mayardit. You’re a great mother complexed with love, humour and compassion. Then I knelt down more times to you in order to bail out your son Larson Angok Garang Wieu from incarceration. He has suffers for detainment and things are complicated. I urged those people to #FreeLarsonAngok .
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