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On Prof John Akec’s argument

By Tearz Ayuen

The University of Juba arguably has some of the best lecturers. Great minds. The problem, as this picture depicts, is something to do with the students and bad policies.

No notebook. No pen. Just a pair of eyes staring at the lecturer. These students look like Dinka Bor churchgoers following service at Emmanuel Jieng Parish.

As South Sudanese, is it education that we itch for or certificate? What’s the motivation? Is it internal or external?

I stand with the UoJ administration led by Prof John Akec. Public universities are not free or near free for everyone, but those who extraordinarily outperform others in high school leaving exams.

In order to produce better and informed citizens, the UoJ should raise the bar by introducing entry exams and increasing tuition fees – at least $500 per semester.

The more one pays for education, the quality education they get. Just like first class ticket or special health services, good education is not for poor people.

Anyway, it’s up to the reasoning-bankrupt SPLM regime to either let the UoJ continue to litter the country with millions of poor academic achievers or allow Prof Akech nip the problem in the bud now.

Credit | Prof John Akec


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