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Nuer Community Worldwide Condemns Peter Lam Both over his provocative utterances

Date: 21 March 2023 AD.   The office of Nuer Community’s Council in Arab Republic of Egypt, do here by Condemning Hon.Peter Lam Both for his irresponsible statement against Nuer Community Worldwide. 

Peter Lam Both’s allegation against Nuer is the rebuilding of other hatred among the divided communities who were suffocated in this senseless war that divided them base on their ethnographic line. 

In reference for his irresponsible statement for term Nuer as society that can follow any Nuer man who declared war against Dinka which is totally a big lies.

 Nuer didn’t join POC sites in Juba and other States by choice, it was imposed threats that happened as genocide in mid-December 2013 by the regime whom he served Secretary General of the Ruling party SPLM.

Nuer didn’t join a bush because they were interested in it, but they ran away for their safety of their life after they have witnessed a deaths of 20 thousands of Nuer people in Juba within one day.

Nuer weren’t followed Dr Riek Machar Teny as their son but they were united in Bush after they all escape for their safety for genocide happened on 15 Dec 2013.

Nuer Community are peacefully society who love their  People special Dinka and other Communities in South Sudan. 

Nuer and Dinka are peacefully societies for decades but the Politicians are try their best to engage them in senseless war that benefit none of them. 

On behalf of Nuer Community and on my own behalf as Council Chairman, I (we ) called upon Hon.Peter Lam Both to apology for Nuer Community Worldwide for his irresponsible statement. As say “body” we give Peter Lam Both 72 hours. 

Kom Simon Manyrob, 

Nuer Community’s Council Chairman. 

Cc.Nuer Community Worldwide 

Cc.South Sudan Community

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