‘NSS wanted me dead, but I will continue to advocate for democracy’ –Kuel Aguer


JUBA – The former governor of South Sudan’s Northern Bahr el Ghazal state Kuel Aguer Kuel who was released today has vowed to continue to advocate for democracy though he said the government security agents wanted to kill him while in the hospital.

Kuel who was arrested in August 2021 for being one of prominent activists who formed the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA), a civil rights movement calling for ouster of President Salva Kiir through popular uprising, said he will continue to advocate for democracy despite having been threatened and detained.

“I shall continue to call for freedom, I shall continue to call for justice and equality in this country because we liberated South Sudan so that we have a country of which each and every one of the citizens is a first-class citizen,” he said.



“Nobody is a second-class citizen and nobody is follower of anybody. We are born free and we live free and we shall die free. We are not follower of anybody, we are all citizen of this land,” the politician turned activist added.

He said that government security agents who were guarding him in the hospital threatened to kill him if he do not apologize, something he said he cannot do because he has done nothing wrong and further thanked the court for setting him free.

“Although the complainer wanted me dead when they asked me if I don’t apologize, I should die in the hospital here but I said death belongs to God. If my time come, let it come because I cannot apologize for a crime I have not committed,” he said.

“I would appreciate the judiciary if it continues with this spirit because if people are trying to suppress others, the law must prevail. Freedom is the property of each and every person,” he added.




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