NSS soldiers beat Aweil barmaid into coma over beer bill


NSS soldiers beat Aweil barmaid into coma over beer bill


Police in Aweil town in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State are holding two National Security Service personnel for brutally beating an Ethiopian woman over a bill last weekend.

The state police spokesperson has identified the suspects as Taj John Wol and Deng Deng Marial – aged 28 and 24, respectively.

On Saturday, November 30, the two customers ordered for cold Tusker beer at Sinit bar.

After gulping down their bottles, six in particular, they got up to leave.

But when bartender Yorsalim Simon, 27, asked them to foot their bill, they refused and showed their NSS identity cards.

The bill was 4,800 South Sudanese Pounds.

“It seemed they didn’t have money,” Capt. Guot Akol told Eye Radio.

On insisting that they foot the bill, Wol and Deng beat up Salmon into comma.

“One of the men punched Yorsalim on the chest. After falling, they kicked her on the mouth and stomach several times till she lost consciousness,” Salmon’s sister Aphraim explained.

A police unit that was patrolling the area apprehended Wol and Deng. And the lady was rushed to a nearby health facility, where she is still recovering.

“But since then, she has been unable to speak nor open her eyes,” Capt. Akol stated.

Capt. Guot Akol pointed out that arrangements are underway to transfer Ms Salmon to Juba for specialized treatment.

Members of the public have been complaining about the behavior of NSS soldiers, some of whom attack civilians over matters that do not concern their mandate.

Recently, President Salva Kiir and other senior government officials blamed some crimes such as night robbery, killing, rape, and theft on NSS soldiers.

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