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By. Maker Paul Madit.

Hon. Nhial Deng and Taban Deng Gai are very disappointed and bitter about the peace award that was given to H.E president Kiir yesterday during the final Signing ceremony of Sudan peace agreement as it had been stated clearly today by one of VP Taban Deng boy by the name Kawaja Kau Madol, that Gen Taban Deng is planning a coup d’etat next month as he is in process of overthrowing Kiir government soon if he doesn’t remove his security advisor Tut Gatluak Manime and spy chief Gen Akol Koor.

Taban and Nhial have sworn that they will topple Kiir regime very soon as possible since the country is collapsing under president Salva Kiir, ‘said’ Kawaja and Marial Gumke who sworn to God that Kiir government has completely failed the citizens of this country.

Marial who was once Kiir bodyguard said that he has given up on president government simply because Kiir is such a weak president who spend most of his time in drinking too much alcohol and sleeping with ladies Marial said, he admitted that only Nhial Deng can wipe the tears from the eyes of South Sudanese than Kiir and his kleptocrats who will absolutely change this country from the failed leadership of president Kiir who doesn’t want young fresh officers like us to run the affair’s of the nation. Kiir has failed to appoint me as the governor and I keep quiet knowing that one day he will accommodate me somewhere, I have now decided with my friends and long term colleagues who stood with me to support Nhial Deng who love young people, Nhial is well educated compare to Kiir who had failed the entire country.

Marial Gumke also stated it in their conversation with Kawaja Kau that the ranks he has are ranks which Great leader late Dr. John Garang Mabior conferred on him during the liberation war. I’m going to fight the failed regime of Salva Kiir together with our right hand man Dr. Peter Biar Ajak whom I informed immediately after I heard plans that Kiir want to sent a deadly squads to kidnap him from the Streets of Nairobi to leave right away to America simply because I have been with Kiir for so long and realized that Kiir is a leader without vision towards South Sudan. I decided as a former close bodyguard to president Kiir that am still strong and have more years to support my generation like Biar Ajak and I believe in ability of Hon. Nhial Deng whom I had a four hours close door meeting in his Rainbow Hotel room and found out that there is a big different between Nhial and Kiir. Nhial Deng can make a good leader than Kiir who doesn’t know the meaning of loyalty to his people. I did a great role in supporting Kiir from their differences with Dr John garang in Nairobi but Kiir had never recognized my support until today hence I will not make any mistake again this time since Kiir is someone who take people like alcohol at night and throw you away the next morning forgetting all the good things you have done for him.

I’m very disappointed by Kiir betrayal as his days are numbered, my able incoming president Hon. Nhial will hand him over to ICC immediately after we remove the most incompetent leader who has failed the nation to an extent of currency drowning. Our economy is going beyond repair but nevertheless Hon. Nhial Deng and his incoming First Vice President Taban DENG Gai will soon rescue our country from the unable leader of Kiir as millions of people are suffering in different areas across South Sudan and beyond. I Marial Gumke as former bodyguard to president Kiir called for his immediate removal in order for South Sudanese to be free from the hand of Kiir.

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