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By Ajok Ngong Ayuen


Please!! Don’t teach your children to hate their father. Their father your husband was the first person you met before children. You guys dated,agreed to marry each other, have children and build them up together but why turning them against their father? A father is a second God.

A woman who teaches her children to hate their father is a great hater. You can’t teach your children to hate their father and still go around loving relatives and other people around. It the same attitude you have your children will copy.

People say that, a child brought up by a woman alone lack a lot of things. Both of you are the pillars in the development of your children , every parent has his/her role. A father teaches his children about how to develop relationship with others. But women are best at teaching things related to kitchen.

Don’t let your husband say I wish these children were not born, that word has a great effect to the children because it a word of regret so teach your children to love but not to hate.

Some women have pride of being from well-off families. They will always tell their children that, since you started school your father has never pay SSP 1 but my parents supported me during your academic journy and if it was not because of them you would have not study. Be humble to your husband,nobody wish to be poor and maybe your family will be well-off because of those children.

Some men regret why they got married and they wish they can go back to their single life. Some men are suffering in their houses,they are just fathers by name but not by action. When he tells his children
Do this for me
Don’t do that
Behave like this
Their children will not listen to him until their mother say to do so… please they are all your children.

At your old age,both of you needs care from your children, where do you want him to go, you promise him to be together until death So please! Teach your children to be peaceful, loving and caring children and God will bless your family.


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