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NEC boss wants election laws enacted ahead of 2025

The Chairperson of the National Elections Commission has called on the government to enact the National Election Act in time for the anticipated 2025 general elections.

Professor Abednego Akok says the commission is ready to conduct the general elections as stipulated by the roadmap, but this must be done lawfully.

Speaking during the 6th governors’ forum in Juba, the Chairperson of the Elections Commission, Professor Abednego Akok appealed to the government to enact the law without delays.

“We in the commission, as I said before, are ready to implement the peace agreement as it is directed or said, but the law must be there,” said Abednego.

“Who is to pass the law? It is the parliament and the government such that when we get it, it will guide us how to prepare and implement elections. By the way election is a process if it is a process?”

The roadmap has scheduled the general elections two months before the end of the extended period by 22nd February 2025.

This is expected to enable the establishment of a democratically elected government.

However, for elections to take place, the agreement says the Election Act must be reviewed and approved by the parliament to enable free and fair elections in South Sudan.

“It’s the only way been waiting by the world and us, how are they going to prepare for the election? Are they going to do it well and provide that all of us respect the law and apply the law as it is?”

Professor Abednego has called on the unity government to set up offices ahead of civic education and awareness for voters ahead of the upcoming election.

Speaking at the same forum, the first deputy speaker of the parliament Nathaniel Oyet said the Election Act has already been drafted and it is on its way to the parliament.

“The agreement required the act governing the elections in this country be amended, so I am happy to note that NCAC they have done their amendment the drafts and this act is on its way to enactment in the parliament.”


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