NAS Military Spokesperson quits citing nepotism.

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NAS Military Spokesperson quits citing nepotism.

The Military spokesperson of National Salvation Front/Army (NAS) under the command of Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka has resigned from the party.

Maj. Gen. Yien Matthew Chol has resigned his position as military spokesman of the National Salvation Front/Army(NAS) accusing his chairman and Commander-In-Chief of nepotism.

In a statement obtained by Thejubamirror news desk Maj. Gen.Yien Matthew says it was a mistake for him to have joined the NAS under Gen. Thomas Thirilo Swaka; however, he stressed that he doesn’t regret the decision.

” I joined the National Salvation Front with the intention of uniting our people of different diversities under the leadership of Gen. Thomas Thirilo Swaka so that we can fight together as one people against the regime in Juba”,the statement reads.

“It has come to my attention that I have made a grave mistake in which I don’t regret but I was anticipating a strong fight against the regime in Juba in which we have failed to do, Therefore, I, Major. Yien Matthew Chol, the official Military Spokesman and Provisional Political Committee member hereby resign for the following reasons :

He accused NAS Chairman and Chief of Staff of not visiting troops at the frontline, saying they are being accommodated in hotels.

“Nepotism within National Salvation Front (NAS), whereas a single tribe is dominating the movement, Poor leadership from the leaders of Nass,

Rome Agreement in which we are negotiating with the government of South Sudan while the citizens continue to suffer, conspiracies to eliminate those who choose to defect from the movement including the recent death of our former commander in Western Equatoria, NAS Chairman and Chief of Staff have not visited the troops fighting on the ground but instead are being accommodated in hotels” Yien explained in a statement.

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