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MT7 tests positive for COVID-19

MT7 tests positive for COVID-19

South Sudanese singer MT7 has tested positive for COVID-19 just days after visiting his home town Rumbek.

The musician shared on Facebook on Sunday, February 28, confirming that he had contracted the virus but was okay and not in pain.

“MT7 Degreez tests To all my family members , friends and fans
Today ,the 24th of February, I tested positive for COVID-19 in Rumbek
And I am currently quarantined for 14 days,” he posted on his social media page.

He appeal to fans to be vigilant and observe Covid prevention measures.

“We should be vigilant and remember that COVID-19 is real, let’s continue wearing our mask, maintaining social distance and wash or sanitize our hands to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” He added.

MT7 had gone to Rumbek where he was scheduled to perform at a series of events.

MT7 Facebook  post.


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