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Model Amakou says she has nightmares because of her Ex-boyfriend


South Sudanese model, Amakou Telar based in Nairobi Kenya, shocked the internet on Saturday when she announced to her social media followers that her Ex-boyfriend keeps returning to her at night in a dream.

Fans were surprisingly taken aback by the announcement. Several made funs of her message while others wish her well.

Amakou has been single for closed to three years, Ramciel has gathered.

Known for her good heart and beauty, the Queen finally spilled the bean concerning her current reality; she is having nightmares because of the recurrent visitation from her boyfriend whom they break-up more than 4 years ago.

What troubled her is not the return of Ex in her dreams at night, but the man wants to get back with her. These terrible dreams are caused by the man she loved so much but no longer in her life.

“Whoa! I’ve just woken up from a terrible nightmare. I dream that I got back with my Ex. HOLY GHOST FIRE!”

Funs were quickly into the story, begging her to take back the man.

One hilarious fun, in particular, Donator Dor Mabor, wrote that, if the man is really serious to get back with her, then it is ok for another second chance. She urges the model to forget the past and move on again with the man.

“See this, if you hook up with your ex. For the second time, this portrays that you two’ve re-discovered your true selves.”

Mabor believes getting the ex-back is the right choice for the model. He advised her to consider this decision and move in together with the man as soon as possible.

“Advice: forget the past and move on together with life. God loves you.”

Amakou has turned down several men because her heart was broken by that single guy. She is a good girl who may give a nice guy a chance as long as you are serious and honest.






Via  Ramciel  Broadcasting


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