Mobilizing funds to finance Juba planned onslaught – leaks

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Soldiers of SPLA-IO holding up their guns during a parade in a rebels’ held territory of South Sudan(Photo: file)

South Sudan’s National Salvation Front (NAS) led by former SPLA deputy chief of staff General Thomas Cirilo Swaka is mobilizing funds to finance a possible onslaught again the country’s capital Juba, documents obtained by Nyamilepedia shows.

The group warned civilians on Monday that movements from and to Juba would be risky apparently because of a planned offensive against army headquarters in the capital Juba.

Leaked latest of NAS asking members to pay for the cost of war against the government in Juba (Credit: Nyamilepedia)

In a number of letters leaked to Nyamilepedia on Tuesday, the NAS appeared to be planning offensives and preparing for its costs asking supporters to conduct fundraising to cover for the cost which amounts to $140,000.

In one letter dated May 9, 2020, the NAS chairperson for national committee for resource mobilization, Kontasio Oyeck, wrote to all members of NAS chapters around the world informing them that the situation was not in their favor on the ground.

He said joint offensives by South Sudan army and their SPLA-IO peace partners were escalating and that the movement need resources to wage resistance against the offending forces.

“The situation on the ground has dramatically changed overnight, we are now faced with an earthquake; a barrage of offenses by the government in joint operation with their R-ACRSS signatories. It is clear they have decided to team up and fight one enemy in sight which is us, NAS, instead of perusing a peaceful solution and addressing the root causes to move the country in the right direction,” Oyeck wrote in a letter leaked to Nyamilepedia.

Leaked latest of NAS asking members to pay for the cost of war against the government in Juba (Credit: Nyamilepedia)

“On this very note we are facing heavy challenges, unfortunately. Civilians will become casualties also and the time is now to stand strong hand in hand with our forces on the ground and all the civilians who are facing terrible conditions,” Oyeck said in the letter.

“As in all these situations there will be needs to be met on an urgent basis to relieve the pressures. We anticipate casualties and extra logistical requirements to sustain these operations,” he added.

Oyeck further said NAS chapters in Australia, Africa, United States, European Union and Canada were requested to raise a total amount of $140,000 to pay for the cost of what he said was resistance against the regime in Juba.

Leaked latest of NAS asking members to pay for the cost of war against the government in Juba (Credit: Nyamilepedia)

“The GHQ has requested all regional branches to raise as follows: Africa and international partners $30,000, Australia $30,000, Canada, $30,000, Europe wide $20,000, USA $30,000,” the letter said adding that these must be availed by June 30th.

The senior rebel official said the fundraising will be followed up “with a series of teleconferences by the GHQ and its regional NAS members in these coming days, your office will receive a communique.”

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