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Minister Majongdit’s associates refute Covid-19 claims

Close associates of Peter Mayen Majongdit, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management have rubbished reports that the minister had caught Covid-19.

Minister Majongdit was reportedly forced to disembark a flight destined for Nairobi by passenger over Covid-19 status over the weekend.

However, in an interview with Juba Monitor Newspaper yesterday, the Director of Juba International Airport, Kur Kuol Ajieu clarified that Minister Majongdit was not forcefully pushed off the plane.

He said the minister did not board the flight because of late arrival for Kenya Airways flight (KQ) bound for Nairobi.

“I called the manager of KQ and he has confirmed to me that the passenger, honourable minister did not show up totally. May be he had delayed in his home and when he came, he found that the plane had already gone,” he said.

The airport chief also stated that passengers can only miss flight due to security reasons and official concerns or because of late arrival.

However the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Gatwech Peter Kulang,discredited the reports that his boss had caught Covid-19 in an interview yesterday.

“It’s not true!  This is not true, he is normal as I know,is it a crime if one tests for Covid-19? Why should it be on every media? Leave my boss alone, he is free, he is not positive!” he said.

Efforts to reach the minister for comments were not successful but he has been quoted by some media as saying that he had used road transport after missing the flight on Saturday.

According to the same media reports the minister dismissed the claims that he had caught Covid-19.




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