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Members of the Parliament of South Sudan

Members of the Parliament of South Sudan

As a result of a peace agreement that came into effect in February 2020, South Sudan’s post-independence National Legislative Assembly was reconstituted as the Transitional National Legislative Assembly with 550 members.

May 19, 2021

South Sudan Parliament Hall
South Sudan Parliament Hall

The South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) was reconstituted on 10 May 2021 by President Salva Kiir in accordance with the 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) which ended the South Sudanese Civil War. The civil war broke out in December 2013 following political disagreements between President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar

The peace pact between the warring parties brokered by the eight-nation Eastern African trade bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) offered a power-sharing deal by the parties with the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) mandated to rule South Sudan for a transitional period of 36 months after which general elections will be held.

As a result of a peace agreement that came into effect in February 2020, South Sudan’s post-independence National Legislative Assembly was reconstituted as the Transitional National Legislative Assembly with 550 members.

The membership is as follows:

1) 332 members of the former National Legislative Assembly (mainly from Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and its allied political parties collectively referred to as The National Agenda.

2) 128 members representing the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO)

3) 50 members representing the parties that make up the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) coalition

4) 30 members representing the coalition of 6 political parties referred to as Other Political Parties (OPP)

5) 10 member representing former detainees (FDs)

By each state, the following is the complete list and names of the members of Parliament of the reconstituted South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) as decreed by President Salva Kiir on 10 May 2021.

Central Equatoria; TOTAL: 68
SPLM (41)
SPLM-IO (10)
SSOA (7)
OPP (2)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (7)
DC (1)

Dr James Wani Igga, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Dr. Luka Monoja, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Tongun Lodu Rombe, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Joy Kwaje Eluzai, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Prof. Paul Jumi Logale, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Jennifer Yabu Lasuba, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Emmanuel Lowilla, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Ismail Mathew Makhtar, Central Equatoria – SPLM
James Janga Duku, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Celina Pita Sworo, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Osman Loku Wani, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Remijo Lasu Peter, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Prof. George Bureng Nyombe, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Anthony Kudus Nyombe, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Stephen Lemi Mila, Central Equatoria – SPLM
David Lemi Poru, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Paul Yoane Bonju, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Huda Michael Lalla, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Gowan John Elias, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Angelo James Selerino, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Ramadan Hassan Laku, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Janet Aya Ale, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Dusman Joyce Lesuk, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Mary Kiden Enoka, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Agnes Losuba Kwaje, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Mary Puru Michael, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Mary Vicensio Wani, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Mary Nyiyum Lual, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Lily Kiden Eluzai, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Festo Lemi, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Suzy Anthony Juma, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Madelena Pita Emilio, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Oliver Mori Benjamin, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Emmanuel Taban Martin, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Losidik Lukak Legge Tombe, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Diana Richard Wani, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Scopas Taban Lokabang, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Juma Ali Malou, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Dr. Ghada James Killa, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Alfred Ladu Gore, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Daniel Abocha Ali, Central Equatoria – SPLM
Matata Frank Elakana, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Amule Samson Machete, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Wagime George Kende, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Ambrose Lomin Pitia, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Rabi Meki, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Benjamin Anyang Keji, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Jackline Benjamin Lado, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Bonga Yangi Loro, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Grace Mary Gale, Central Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Hellen Khamisa Abure, Centeral Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Jane Abdu Lugori, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Sarah Charity Kimbo Yacub, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Charles Manuel Soro Jongo, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Moses Evans Wani, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Amule Michael Simon Lasu, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Peter Lomude Francis, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Najie Richard Alice, Central Equatoria – SSOA
Joseph Kiju Rombek, Central Equatoria – OPP
Afekuru Animu Risasi Amitai, Central Equatoria – OPP
Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Eng. Sebit Wori-jibi Abe, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Dr. Stanislaus Wani Jada, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Hon Taban Luka Guya, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
John Paul Lako, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Emmanuel Sokiri Lugor, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Pascallina Philip Waden, Central Equatoria – National Agenda
Jenti Poni Bullen, Central Equatoria – DC
Eastern Equatoria; TOTAL: 48
SPLM (32)
SPLM-IO (11)
SSOA (2)
OPP (1)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (2)
DC (0)

Ukacha Mugusto Aweri, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Odiongo Icha Joyce, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Justin Kerepi Erat, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Beatrice Aber Samson Otto, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Julius Ajeo Moilingi Moi, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Betty Achan Ogwar, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Pasca Hefita Oduho, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Tobiolo Alberio Oromo, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Tulio Odongi Ayahu, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Martin Ohuro Okerruk, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Victor Omuho Ohidei, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Ubuch Ujwok Akuo, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Martin Odwar Onuha, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Veronica Redento Onzi Koma, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Adelino Wani Michael Opi, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Ceasor Baye Oyalala, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
David Nailo Mayo, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Cypriano Peter Lokale, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Fr. Mark Lowi Lochebe, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Josephine Napon Cosmos, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Lucy Iyaya Lokadito, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Peter Longole Kuam, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Mark Lolibes Lojore, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Unice Nakwar Paul, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Angelo Lokinga Lotaba, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Christine Nabol Peter, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Letisia Thure Santino, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Jamal Lomongin Peter, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Hellen Orasio, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Abdalla Kapelo Ameri, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Daniel Narol Locheck, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Patrick Lodinga Koteen, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM
Alley Othura Fanan, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Nawume Hisiaha Thomas, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Lemin Erick Isaac Santo, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Emoya Silvia Salvatoria, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Nelson Uthow Ugang, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Adelle Faustino Lotede, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Lokeris Lomelo Logewuo, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Stephen Lowosio Lomugin, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Zainab Khamis Lorumio, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Oresto Lopara Simon, Eastern Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Dr. Apolo Alfred Ruben Gita, Eastern Equatoria – SSOA
Samuel Buhori Lotti Theophilus, Eastern Equatoria – SSOA
Daniel Opio Akau, Eastern Equatoria – OPP
Francis Ben Ataba, Eastern Equatoria – National Agenda
Joseph Ojukwu Ikarak, Eastern Equatoria – National Agenda
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Jonglei; TOTAL: 71
SPLM (42)
SPLM-IO (16)
SSOA (7)
OPP (1)
FDs (3)
National Agenda (2)
DC (0)

Abraham Biar Deng, Jonglei – SPLM
Adeng Leek Deng, Jonglei – SPLM
Nyaboth Rambang Mabor, Jonglei – SPLM
Ann Lino Wor Abyei, Jonglei – SPLM
Atem Garang Deng De’ kuek, Jonglei – SPLM
Benjamin Malek Alier, Jonglei – SPLM
Nyawargak Martin Nyang, Jonglei – SPLM
James Guet Pur, Jonglei – SPLM
Deng Dau Deng, Jonglei – SPLM
Dengtiel Ayuen Kur, Jonglei – SPLM
Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Jonglei – SPLM
Elizabeth John Kuol, Jonglei – SPLM
Chol Paul Pawel, Jonglei – SPLM
Gatluak Ruon Nyuot, Jonglei – SPLM
Imelda Modi Berdinato, Jonglei – SPLM
Tabitha Nyanchin Kwojo, Jonglei – SPLM
June Malet Kuol, Jonglei – SPLM
Kuol Lual Awuol, Jonglei – SPLM
Kuony War Jok, Jonglei – SPLM
Nyang Chuol Dhour, Jonglei – SPLM
Lual Achuek Deng, Jonglei – SPLM
Martha Akuany, Jonglei – SPLM
Mary Nyaulang Ret, Jonglei – SPLM
Michael Chot Lul, Jonglei – SPLM
Michael Makuel Lueth, Jonglei – SPLM
Michael Ruot Koryom, Jonglei – SPLM
Nyanchiek Nhial Majit, Jonglei – SPLM
Nyayang Lok Riek, Jonglei – SPLM
Peter Lul Ulem, Jonglei – SPLM
Philip Thon Leek, Jonglei – SPLM
Dr. Riek Gai Kok, Jonglei – SPLM
Sahara Benjamin Gabriel, Jonglei – SPLM
Chuol David Dhel, Jonglei – SPLM
Mary Peter La Banyjiek, Jonglei – SPLM
Maker Thiong Maal, Jonglei – SPLM
John Jok Chol, Jonglei – SPLM
Alice Nathalina Gore, Jonglei – SPLM
Timothy Tot Chol, Jonglei – SPLM
Timothy Taban Juch, Jonglei – SPLM
Elizabeth Akuol Chuang, Jonglei – SPLM
Regina Nyakouth Rut, Jonglei – SPLM
Mary Akech Bior, Jonglei – SPLM
Jesus Deng Atem, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Martha Akon Deng Ruar, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Alier Samuel Ateny, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Ajak Abraham Dier, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Tut Puoch Rambang, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Gordon Deng Lam, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Micheal Tut Ruot, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Tut Jock Guong, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Martha Nyanath Chot, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Teresa Nuba Chatiem, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Peter Gatkuoth Manyang, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
George Mathor Mayom, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
James Kok Ruei, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Mary Jock, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Mary Akec Machiek, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Gatkuoth Wat Jor, Jonglei – SPLM-IO
Acholla Abulla Goy Aruna, Jonglei – SSOA
Suzan John Jock, Jonglei – SSOA
Bol Duop Nyuot, Jonglei – SSOA
Michael Ayuen Johnson, Jonglei – SSOA
Lam Ker Chagor, Jonglei – SSOA
John Banygai Majak, Jonglei – SSOA
Mahjoub Biel Turuk, Jonglei – SSOA
Gier Chuang Aluong, Jonglei – FDs
Isaiah Hakim Garang, Jonglei – FDs
Riek Puok Ruach, Jonglei – FDs
Alek James Majok Majak, Jonglei – OPP
Philip Palet Gadin, Jonglei –  National Agenda
James Sigin Banak, Jonglei – National Agenda
Lakes; TOTAL: 45
SPLM (25)
SPLM-IO (11)
SSOA (1)
OPP (2)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (4)
DC (1)

Daniel Dhieu Matuet, Lakes – SPLM
Paul Mayom Akec, Lakes – SPLM
Daniel Deng Monydit, Lakes – SPLM
Akol Paul Kordit, Lakes – SPLM
Simon Malual Deng, Lakes – SPLM
Zacharia Matur Makuer, Lakes – SPLM
Chier Ramzi Monyping, Lakes – SPLM
Isaac Deng Tur, Lakes – SPLM
Suzana Peter Machar, Lakes – SPLM
Monica Ayen Maguat, Lakes – SPLM
Jamal Juma Kakaya, Lakes – SPLM
Susan Solomon Mamour, Lakes – SPLM
Abuk Malual Aken, Lakes – SPLM
Dr. Awel Mawien Atem, Lakes – SPLM
Parmena Awerial Aluong, Lakes – SPLM
Bullen Kot Beny, Lakes – SPLM
David Deng Athorbei, Lakes – SPLM
Gordon Matot Tut, Lakes – SPLM
Johnson Jongkuch Kulang, Lakes – SPLM
Monica Nyacut Arok, Lakes – SPLM
Rebecca Atuet Makuel, Lakes – SPLM
Rebecca Aluel Mayor, Lakes – SPLM
Daniel Awet Akot, Lakes – SPLM
Alambeny Mallet Riak, Lakes – SPLM
Amelia Aluel Bol, Lakes – SPLM
Regina Stephen Mading, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Eng. Joseph Mawal Dong, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Daniel Chol Omejek, Lakes – SPLM-IO
James Kuol Deng Dier, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Sonia Salah Idris, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Yar Telar Ring Deng, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Dr John Sebit Madit, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Gai Mayen Luk, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Akuich Majier Malek, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Anok Bior Wuol, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Dr Achol Marial Deng, Lakes – SPLM-IO
Bol Joseph Agau, Lakes – SSOA
Abraham Adut Mapar, Lakes – OPP
Mayen Jeremiah Turic, Lakes – OPP
Akot Dut Ajieng, Lakes – FDs
Dharuai Mabor Teny, Lakes – National Agenda
Matur Mayinde Riak, Lakes – National Agenda
Margret Samuel Aru, Lakes – National Agenda
Gabriel Roric Jur, Lakes – National Agenda
Magod Maker Mayinidi, Lakes – DC
Northern Bahr el Ghazal; TOTAL: 47
SPLM (26)
SSOA (4)
OPP (6)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (3)
DC (0)

Stephen Ajongo Akol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Yourew Wol kuot, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Simon Deng Duang, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Akuar Gamar Ujieth, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Mary Garang Anei, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Lily Albino Akol Akol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Akuot Deng Kawac, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Kom Kom Geng, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Peter Lual Lual, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Oliver Majok Aleu, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
John Agany Deng, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Elizabeth Adut Mel, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Veronica Nyantonj Ring, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Jaqueline Nyibol Ajongo, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Deng Majok Athian, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Bol Pio Tem Kuach, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Sumeya Adut Deng Amet, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Mel Wal Achien, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Deng Tong Kuol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Josephine Moses Ladu, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Ngong Deng Gum, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
James Aguer Alec, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Malong Lual Ding, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Philip Akot Malith, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Jacob Dau Kuol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Salva Chol Ayat, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Akec Pabior Gol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Regina Garang Yor, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Chan Deng Marok, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Abuk Akok Akok, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Bak Deng Nyang, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Albino Mawien Bol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Lek Malong Yor, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Ibrahim Abdaibagi Akol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Peter Mabior Riny Lual, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Malong Majok Yor, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Natalina Amjima Malek, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
James Longar Wol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Gurwel Akol Akok Anei, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
El Thieb Dut Kuol, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Thiop Deng Kawac Thiop, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Primo Ajou Deng Garang, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Yor Achien Angok, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Madut Biar Yel, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – FDs
Mayom Kuoc Malek, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – National Agenda
Bona Deng Lawrence, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – National Agenda
Gabriel Gout Gout, Northern Bahr el Ghazal – National Agenda
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Warrap; TOTAL: 61
SPLM (36)
SPLM-IO (10)
SSOA (1)
OPP (11)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (2)
DC (0)

Mangok Gum Nyuol, Warrap – SPLM
Goch Makuach Mayol, Warrap – SPLM
Kuany Mayom Deng, Warrap – SPLM
Dr. Majok Yak Majok, Warrap – SPLM
Mary Nyanut Ring Machar, Warrap – SPLM
Rose Adau Deng, Warrap – SPLM
Charles Majak Aler, Warrap – SPLM
Wol Deng Alew, Warrap – SPLM
Nyang Augustino Nyang Bak, Warrap – SPLM
Dr. Alma Jervas Yak, Warrap – SPLM
Joseph Garang Maluil, Warrap – SPLM
James Lual Deng Kuel, Warrap – SPLM
Machok Majong Jong, Warrap – SPLM
Kuot Deng Kuot, Warrap – SPLM
Mary Atong Bak, Warrap – SPLM
Suzan Wasuk Sukiri, Warrap – SPLM
Akon Ding Athian, Warrap – SPLM
Franko Akech Ring, Warrap – SPLM
Salva Mathok Gengdit, Warrap – SPLM
Agoth Ngot Riny, Warrap – SPLM
Wek Mamer Kuol, Warrap – SPLM
Joseph Mathuc Mou, Warrap – SPLM
Augustino Mathok Thuc, Warrap – SPLM
Ayak Ngor Malek, Warrap – SPLM
Mayiik Ayii Deng, Warrap – SPLM
Caguor Adong Manyang, Warrap – SPLM
Kuol Mour Mour, Warrap – SPLM
Mawien Dhor Ariik, Warrap – SPLM
Eng. Majok Dut Muorwel, Warrap – SPLM
Nhial Deng Nhial, Warrap – SPLM
Nyibol Bol Matiop, Warrap – SPLM
Awut Deng Acuil, Warrap – SPLM
Martha Ayuek Yac, Warrap – SPLM
Ella Emilio Kersid, Warrap – SPLM
Bibi Ali Aker, Warrap – SPLM
Agasio Akol, Warrap – SPLM
Elizabeth Achuei Yol Kuol, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Kuot Akech Thokluoi, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Angelina Nyibol Thuoch, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Deng Yach Tong, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Nhial Bol Akeen, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Tereza Arkangelo Nyuol, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Athian Madut Maluil, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Chaguor Ater Bol, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Tereza Mawieu Chol Tong, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Juliano Danga Dudu, Warrap – SPLM-IO
Chabur Goc Alei Kuol, Warrap – SSOA
Peter Mayen Majongdit, Warrap – OPP
Regina Akuol Bol Mayen, Warrap – OPP
Jackline Adut Deng Juach, Warrap – OPP
John Dour Ngor Dour, Warrap – OPP
Gabriel Majong Majong, Warrap – OPP
James Deng Kwau Akoon, Warrap – OPP
. Hon. Deborah Uduol Okiec, Warrap – OPP
Simon Mou Thiik, Warrap – OPP
Mayik Deng Madut, Warrap – OPP
Akok Majok Akok, Warrap – OPP
Deng Donato Deng Mayen, Warrap – OPP
George Angier Ring, Warrap – FDs
Bol Toby Maduot, Warrap – National Agenda
Joseph Malek Arop, Warrap, Warrap – National Agenda
Western Bahr el Ghazal; TOTAL: 27
SPLM (12)
SPLM-IO (10)
SSOA (4)
OPP (1)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (0)
DC (0)

George Andrea Juma, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Joseph Kon Garjouk Mariano, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Mark Nyipoc Ubang, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Ahmed Mohamed Musa, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Neima Abbas Eldo, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Mary Jarvas Yak, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Wol Akech Akol, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Ramadan Alamin, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Akella Paulino Wanawila, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Umjumma Juma Sabiel, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Eshe Bari Wanji, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Rashid Adam Alahala, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM
Regina Joseph Kapa, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Asunta Nicola Dimo, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Edward Dominic Keyawa, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Rogeya Nowar Musa, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Justin Moses Ugodo, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Juma Zacharia Deng, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Nasir Gidu Asai Jalab, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Sunna Musu Juma, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Cluadio Francis Omdurman, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Hassan Zaid Kinga, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SPLM-IO
Ishag Elias Ibrahim Towo, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Clement Juma Mbugoniwia, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Simon Archangelo Ngbidigi, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Suzan Thomas Perembata, Western Bahr el Ghazal – SSOA
Isaac Natali Louis, Western Bahr el Ghazal – OPP
Unity; TOTAL: 38
SPLM (17)
SPLM-IO (12)
SSOA (6)
OPP (2)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (1)
DC (0)

Lang Tap Lom, Unity – SPLM
John Gatnyach Tot, Unity – SPLM
Tut Gatluak Manime, Unity – SPLM
Manasse Magok Rundial, Unity – SPLM
Fatuma Nyawang Bilieu, Unity – SPLM
Nadia Arop Dudi, Unity – SPLM
Mary Paul Ngundeng, Unity – SPLM
Puok Bol Mut, Unity – SPLM
Innocent Lazarus Latjor, Unity – SPLM
Tereza Gabriel Gatluak, Unity – SPLM
Domai Gatpan Kulang, Unity – SPLM
Malek Cook Dwach, Unity – SPLM
Simon Gatuak Pech Dak, Unity – SPLM
Peter Makuoth Malwal, Unity – SPLM
Wait John Dek Chol, Unity – SPLM
Mathew Mathiang, Unity – SPLM
Salwa Bakony Mantuil, Unity – SPLM
Martha Nyathir Chuol, Unity – SPLM-IO
Anna Samuel Pam, Unity – SPLM-IO
Michael Mout Diu, Unity – SPLM-IO
Martin Mabil Kong, Unity – SPLM-IO
Peter Chabak Gatluak, Unity – SPLM-IO
Kwong Dak Wie, Unity – SPLM-IO
Stephen Bol Leay, Unity – SPLM-IO
Tina Bol Kaimai, Unity – SPLM-IO
Mary Kongkong James, Unity – SPLM-IO
Nyabuony Bol Wuor, Unity – SPLM-IO
James Mabor Gatkuoth Nyak, Unity – SPLM-IO
Faruok Gatkuoth Kam, Unity – SPLM-IO
Peter Gatkouth Thot Bakam, Unity – SSOA
Tungchuei Manytuil Wijang, Unity – SSOA
William Kuh Kal Tot, Unity – SSOA
Both Tour Manmie Biel, Unity – SSOA
Samuel Mabeny Gatjiek, Unity – SSOA
Agnes Kaya Nyuol, Unity – SSOA
Hon James Nen Thoat, Unity – OPP
Badit Dak Wie, Unity – OPP
Kur Bangoang Jock, Unity – National Agenda
Upper Nile; TOTAL: 69
SPLM (32)
SPLM-IO (20)
SSOA (9)
OPP (1)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (2)
DC (4)

Deng Unyo Demey, Upper Nile – SPLM
Deng Goc Aleu, Upper Nile – SPLM
Akot Dau Nyok, Upper Nile – SPLM
Asha Abdel Salam Awad, Upper Nile – SPLM
Elia Ulan Jongo, Upper Nile – SPLM
Areng Kur Akol Ding, Upper Nile – SPLM
Deng Chol Deng, Upper Nile – SPLM
Fantana Kur Chol, Upper Nile – SPLM
Andrea Maya Felio, Upper Nile – SPLM
Martha Atong Mansour, Upper Nile – SPLM
Abuk Payiti Ayik, Upper Nile – SPLM
Dr William Othwan Awer, Upper Nile – SPLM
Mary Nyawal Chol, Upper Nile – SPLM
Dr Henry Omai Akolawin, Upper Nile – SPLM
John Mayual Nguot, Upper Nile – SPLM
Ali Adian Nour El Deen, Upper Nile – SPLM
James Ret Gony, Upper Nile – SPLM
Mat Ruon Wur, Upper Nile – SPLM
Gatluak Riek Jaak, Upper Nile – SPLM
Dr John Gai Yoh, Upper Nile – SPLM
James Kueth Chol, Upper Nile – SPLM
Lidia John Jock, Upper Nile – SPLM
Simon Kun Puoc, Upper Nile – SPLM
Rebecca Joshua Okwaci, Upper Nile – SPLM
Cecilia Achuil Matthew, Upper Nile – SPLM
Dr Martha Matin Dar, Upper Nile – SPLM
Rebecca Nyatew Dang, Upper Nile – SPLM
Peter Hoth Kuach, Upper Nile – SPLM
Elijah Liech Bany, Upper Nile – SPLM
Bol Puot Yut, Upper Nile – SPLM
Dr Margret Joel Barnaba, Upper Nile – SPLM
James Hoth Mai, Upper Nile – SPLM
Wie Kuol Khornyang, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Peter Charman Cikuach, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
John Jock Jakyom, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Gatwech Lam Puoch, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Lieth Muoch Tang, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Martha Nyanuba Simon, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Chuol Kuajien Tut, Upper Nile State – SPLM-IO
Nyanchiok John Gileng, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Diing Lam Yuel, Upper Nile state – SPLM-IO
Elijah Awuor Yiey, Upper Nile State – SPLM-IO
Grace Thomas Kume, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Dawud Juma Hasco, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Anyang Akol Akuer, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Thokat Khor Wiew, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Andrew Koang Ruon, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Angelina Samuel Nyawulo, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Philip Ayol Akol, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Bipuoc Khor Piti, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Achol Thomas Dak, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Philip Ayol Ajoung, Upper Nile – SPLM-IO
Changkuoth Bichock Reth, Upper Nile – SSOA
William Obany Otong Kaleykey, Upper Nile – SSOA
Joseph Abdalla Sudan, Upper Nile – SSOA
Rita Nazarino Velentino Aboury, Upper Nile – SSOA
Maria Nyehok William, Upper Nile – SSOA
Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba, Upper Nile – SSOA
Maridi Luigi Adwok, Upper Nile – SSOA
Dr. Yunas Bol de Manyiai, Upper Nile – SSOA
Del Tut Weang Khor, Upper Nile – SSOA
Josephine Daniel Ogwok, Upper Nile – OPP
Regina Richard Aban, Upper Nile – FDs
John Deng Obany, Upper Nile – National Agenda
Nyaruang Peter Pal, Upper Nile – National Agenda
Onyoti Adigo Nyikwoch, Upper Nile – DC
Johnson Olam Nyiwec, Upper Nile – DC
Benjamin Bol Joknyang, Upper Nile – DC
Samuel Aban Achin, Upper Nile – DC
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Western Equatoria; TOTAL: 42

SPLM (25)
SPLM-IO (12)
SSOA (2)
OPP (2)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (0)
DC (0)

Pascal Bandindi Uru, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Anita David Gamu, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Dr. Festo Kumba, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Veronica Louis Renzi, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Jemma N. Kumba, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Anthony Lino Makana, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Bernardo Kpasira Martin, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Naomi Yusto Purangi, Western Equatoria – SPLM
George Kosta Baandara, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Roseline Samuel Abujohn, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Gloria Philemona, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Peter Bashir Gbandi, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Mary Nawal Martin, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Sepura Siapai Richard, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Boutrous Alison Magaya, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Joseph Ngere Paciko, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Jasmin Samuel Adakai, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Morad Maseka, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Juma Amiro Doboi, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Rejoice Bauda Simon, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Majur Babur Ajal, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Uno Utu Takuari, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Loto Anibiapal, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Felix Edward Bali Miako, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Richard K. Mula, Western Equatoria – SPLM
Justin Joseph Marona, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Jackson Bakoo Charles, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Michael Ariembageiko, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Luice Bari Munyingwa, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Lillan Tito Bimo, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Arkangelo Kanewe Minawe, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Jackline Mathew Gaza, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Tereza Anthony Tikimo, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Nuna Rhoda Rudolf Ndefu, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Isaac Kemis Paul Idris, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Paul Baba Ezibon Bafaa, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Ann Dokki Matayo, Western Equatoria – SPLM-IO
Dr. Gassim Barnaba Kisanga, Western Equatoria – SSOA
Khalid Abdallah Adam Idris, Western Equatoria – SSOA
William Mark Faki, Western Equatoria – OPP
Lilian Herberty Brook Rango, Western Equatoria – OPP
Kosti Yukunia Manibe Ngai, Western Equatoria – FDs
Abyei Administrative Area; TOTAL: 7
SPLM (3)
SSOA (0)
OPP (1)
FDs (1)
National Agenda (0)
DC (0)

Deng Arop Kuol, Abyei – SPLM
Asha Abbas Akuei, Abyei – SPLM
Arop Madut Arop, Abyei – SPLM
Tereza Chol Aguek, Abyei Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Jok Alor Bulabek, Abyei Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Christiana Akuol Alessio, Abyei Admin. Area – OPP
Deng Alor Kuol, Abyei Admin. Area – FDs
Pibor Administrative Area; TOTAL: 12
SPLM (7)
SSOA (2)
OPP (0)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (0)
DC (0)

Hon Banguot Amum Okech, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
Lawrence Ibon, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
Ogetho Cham Odel, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
David Okwer, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
David Yau Yau, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
Munira Abdelwab, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
Kengen Jakor Bejo, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM
Hellen Ngadok Lukuryang, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Zungini Pako Buako, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Joseph Okuach Chan, Pibor Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Margret Girma Lokurnyang, Pibor Admin. Area – SSOA
Sulafa Hassan Nashingoi Aroud, Pibor Admin. Area – SSOA
Ruweng Administrative Area; TOTAL: 7
SPLM (5)
SSOA (0)
OPP (0)
FDs (0)
National Agenda (0)
DC (0)

Majok Dau Cholek, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM
Bataria Manyroor Maker, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM
Riek Manyiel Ayuel, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM
Georgiatee Lat Mading, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM
Tereza Samuel Majok, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM
Monyluak Gudi Ayom Gawar, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM-IO
Lucia John Abdu, Ruweng Admin. Area – SPLM-IO

Note: The total number of MPs announced on 10 May 2021 is 547 pending the appointment of 3 more MPs to be nominated by the SSOA, which only submitted 47 instead of 50 allotted to them to make a total of 550 MPS.

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