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Man takes academic certificates to police for safety after wife threatens to burn them

Man takes academic certificates to police for safety after wife threatens to burn them


By Ngor Deng Matem

A man in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has taken his academic paper to a police station for safety after his 31-year-old wife attempted to burn his certificates claiming that they are useless.

The woman whose name is withheld said that man’s academic papers are useless and shouldn’t be kept.

“It’s five years now since you obtained these certificates and not working, no function for them, Why? I see these certificates are useless because there are no reasons for keeping them here in this house. I better burn them down to be like any other people who have not gone to school,” the woman lamented.

The husband, Lang Gai Deng said at Wanyjok Police station that he has been jobless for years despite having academic papers.

“Indeed, I am not working and it is not my fault, it is because there are no jobs and it is not me alone, but there are many other graduates in this country living without jobs like me. I have been applying for available opportunities in NGOs and government institutions and no positive response. So it is not my fault. So I decided to bring them here for the police to know if this is not a crime, I also want the police to keep these certificates for me until when I need them,”
Lang added that “I started working with NGOs in 2004 when I was still in high school, there was no competition those days, and the last job was in 2015”.

Lang said that he won’t take legal procedures against his wife.

“What she did is a crime, I know it is a crime because I worked hard to obtained these certificates, they are authenticated by the government to be legal, and burning them is a crime. So I better keep them at the police station as a safer place. I don’t want to go further with her because she does not know why there are no jobs in the country”.

The police officer in charge of the investigation said that it’s the first time to witness such a case in the state.


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