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Malong’s camp culpable on the publication of the fake list of Assassins. Dr. Sunday de John lifts the lid


Malong’s camp culpable on the publication of the fake list of Assassins. Dr. Sunday de John lifts the lid

By Dr. Sunday de John

Chairman, SSUF/A-Progressive


Gen. Paul     Malong’s camp is unrestrained in dissemination of unrewarding propaganda: A response to their recently published false list of Assassins that included my good names



In their recent writing, the dunderhead-gossiping-team in Gen. Paul Malong’s camp reiterated their meaningless propaganda by listing me as one of the well-trained Assassins sent to assassinate Oppositions in East Africa. They claimed that together with others, we were sent by Akol Koor of the National Security to come and hunt for oppositions.

This is not the first time a list which includes my name and that is associated with assassins from Akol Koor’s Directorate is being circulated. A few weeks following the collapse of working relations between Gen. Paul Malong and I as he was later deposed from South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) leadership by a team of competent patriotic South Sudanese young men and women that I now lead, one Dickson Gatluak Jock on October 16th, 2020 published a list comprising of 31 names on his Facebook page. According to him, the list was made up of people that he labeled as most dangerous and that must not be associated with.

However, I treated that as non-issue for the reason that I do not have allegiance with any institution in South Sudan then and now and I have never talked to Akol Koor on national or personal terms. The first time I saw Akol not from Photos was in Rome, Italy. I was part of SSOMA negotiation team and he was part of the government delegation that was headed by Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin.

All claims that were made or that are being made in my name are worthless because Gen. Paul Malong had long ago known the truth. He was only made to believe in lies that I was working for Akol. It was Makuach and his many associates that worked for the government. They destroyed the army, used Malong to chase competent cadres and then made him to set his house on fire by going “low and cheap” with little wit. Before leaving for Juba, they made sure that he was fully withdrawn from a bigger political playground and then caged in his compound where he only recites his dreams, believes them and recommits to them as basis of his Movement’s success. They restrained and glued him to playing cards. He was tuned into redundancy so that he doesn’t act beyond the confines of his residence. He accepted to be operating at a perimeter of his compound like a goat tethered for grazing. The only strategies and that I think are naïve and regressive are his loud lamentations and slandering of others that he has now adapted to as his new norms.

The focus, especially the propaganda campaigns that they are embracing have never made successful any political organization in history. Banking on mere propaganda without well documented goal is but bankruptcy of ideas and ideals that made him rebel on the government in the first place. I can unremorsefully express that Malong’s trusted men of today are remnants of Makuach who do not only spread false messages on his behalf but who also ensure that others are subjected to libel. The only libeling that appeals to Malong is associating the person you want to tarnish with Akol Koor. They know Malong has a deeply seated fear and hatred for Akol. This fear has been exploited fully by his ill advisors. Such advisors include the likes of Lual Dau Marach who once even worked to ensure Malong pays for peace monetarily locally here in Africa. Buying peace is a manifestation of weakness. Why waste time on me when there is a mountain to climb. Malong and group must stop propaganda and focus on overthrowing Kiir or achieve peace with him. Being focused on their goals would be much more worthy than spats with other opposition groups. If we were sensible, we would have been organizations that are complementary to each other in our pursuit for a solution to South Sudan’s problem.

The recalcitrant recirculation of the list branded as that of Assassins and on which my name had appeared is always a making of Garang Malong aka Garang Achol the consummate liar, a chief gossiper, and the nutty together with his comrade in propaganda, Mr. Dickson Gatluak plus some of their gossiping team members, I mean to say, the mediocre clique of SSUF-Malong. They again posted their old list with few additions and omissions on January 8th, 2022 for their own ulterior motives. This was on South Sudan Eye Facebook Page where it was later picked and circulated in WhatsApp groups.

They have published the said list in advancement of propaganda clad with little puffery to cement their relationship with Gen. Paul Malong and as a psychological tool to deter other citizens from associating with anybody on that list either because they hate you for the sake of hatred or on perceived fears or real ones.

The network headed by Garang and Dickson is made up of unapologetic consummate liars, a true team of character assassins whose objective is to bring people’s names to disrepute. They have equipped themselves with social media outlets for dissemination of their venomous lies. Currently, they own several online platforms including Facebook Pages, namely “South Sudan Eye” or The Eye of South Sudan and “South Sudan Project Youth” among many others.

They use these social media outlets to spread propaganda. For their own reasons, they have heightened their propaganda on me although they are quiet on their comrades in bad deeds. If they could be asked as to what have I done that attracts bitterness from Malong’s camp? Simply put, one would allude to the reality that they are only covetous and remorseful, they have badly missed my services. They know their ship had long docked on a dry port and that has rendered its reverse gears dysfunctional. There is no signal indicating progress, they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. What they are left with is to continue believing in their own lies. Now they write their own messages, share them and later conduct meetings to craft the best responses to their own tilted writings.
While on course with dissemination of propaganda messages, I would like to tell Malong’s camp, particularly those that are on lovelorn to desist from self-deception. I do not have any problem with their camp. I was forced to depose Malong and since then, I am a leader of a resolute organization of youth that is here to stay. While Malong was believing that the team that he used to replace me was made up of angels, he has now known that they were his fiercest enemies. He realized this long after they used him against himself. If he has a reason to pursue anyone, his focus should be Makuach and company.

All cadres of SSUF/A who joined on quest for liberty have left with dignity, the turncoats have left with personal agreements whose details do not encompass anything national but choice of car models and money and I am here to stay. I am in opposition and unlike Malong, I do not communicate with the same government that I oppose. Where is Makuach that Malong bragged about as somebody whom they had been with for 27 hallow years, where are all those other sweet talkers? Malong was wrong and I am right, I denied Makuach and company our sensitive information in protection of the Movement but Malong hated that as he was turned against me by Makuach who had a last laugh as he penetrated deep through his group whose members were later tasked with handling of information that he could then easily access and use as he wished. Malong’s own bull gored him. His knife cut him deep and Makuach left him in pain. Let him lick his wounds without having a thought about me. This is better done by putting the propagandists off.

While the aforementioned brothers are busy circulating propaganda and lies, I would like to tell them that I deplore their attempt to tarnish me. If their motives were to dismantle me politically then they have failed miserably, equally if they were doing it to woo SSOMA into retaining them and tarnishing me then they must know that their activities are apparent and thus, I won’t fit as a sacrificial lamb.

They must also know that I do not subscribe to the government of South Sudan, I am instead a deprived citizen that will remain in opposition with or without Malong and my message is clear, South Sudan must be better than its current state. I aspire to a better South Sudan. As well, I have no hatred for anyone. I oppose lack of policies and all those that keep us backward as a country.

Associating me with the National Security of South Sudan is untrue and it is a wrong diagnosis to Malong and his camp’s problem. It doesn’t stop me from opposing Kiir’s regime. It is not a solution to your many problems. So to say, I am not your problem, your problems are the following:

Lack of goals and objectives and the related strategies that you would use to achieve the objectives and the goal of the Movement. kindly adduce one if I am wrong on this.
Gen. Paul Malong has no capability of developing and leading a vibrant rebellion as he spends all his time listening to gossipers and playing cards. But he can lead an already established, functionally efficient organization. Establishing a Movement requires proactive leadership and that genetically or by training is not a characteristic of Gen. Paul.
Gen. Paul Malong is loyal to government that he purports to oppose, this is because his informal advisors are government agents and they only communicate to Gen. Paul plans that appeal to the government including obstruction of strategies that would have made SSUF/A achieve its objectives. They also set him against cadres.
Gen. Paul doesn’t know how to manage cadres of the Movement. He is nepotistic or tribal in most administrative matters. Cadres disperse for that reason.
Gen. Paul has considers SSUF/A not as a distinct political entity, instead, it is a family Movement, this makes some family members including his son Garang Achol to direct active cadres to report to them on hourly basis. Political Movement that is familial can never suffice.
Gen. Malong loves propaganda. He enjoys listening to people wasting ample time on issues that he knows are not true. He loves propaganda to be spread even when that would be unproductive or counterproductive. My refusal to denigrate others on personal issues was contributory to him accepting lies from gossipers when we faced off.
Gen. Paul loves gossipers and he thinks, it is the only viable mode of generating ideas. He too embrace and settle for ideas that are not ideal and achievable.
Gen. Paul, by overly trusting Makuach with the army’s affairs to the level of allowing him to command war on phone while playing cards in Nairobi at the expense of his seniors; yet he knows Makuach has no solid military background or any career development or simple achievement, it didn’t only resulted to complete destruction of the army within one week, it has also permitted death of people of the brightest future. Managing an army on phone at this stage of technological advancement is not only a wrong way of doing things, it is a deliberate fallacy worthy of condemnation. Few that take photos while in military attires around the chairman are but just posing for the sake of photoshoot as no real solider that would wear a military uniform in a foreign country without assigned responsibilities.
Gen. Paul has failed to reestablish any army after the fall of our gallants forces but despite this, he established dysfunctional army command whose aim now is to spread lies and propaganda. There is no army base for SSUF/A, inside or outside South Sudan.
Gen. Paul Malong’s son is busy with writing of fake letters of surrender and then engage the Movement secretariat to respond to them when organically they were generated from within. The Chairman until now is not aware of his son’s dubious and foolish workings.
Gen. Paul has a solid believe that his nightmares and dreams were going to come true and that he is regularly dreaming on how he will overthrow President Salva as revealed to him in his dreams.
Gen. Paul thinks that Dinka are only the best leaders and should there be any Alliance formed with leaders from different ethnicities, then he must always be the leader.

Having enumerated few of what I know ails SSUF/A, I would like to warn the propagandists that I do not want them to lie in my name. they must take note that I am never a man of confusion. Like always, my morals will not change. My family taught me not to be a scavenger. It is meaningless to say that I was an agent of the government that I oppose. My upbringing and career dictate that I must always be up to my values. That is being morally upright.

What all members of SSUF/A are aware of is this, if SSUF/A had offended the government in any way, then I was at the fore. I had expressed words that were heard by the world. I had talked and I am still talking about the misdeeds of the government of South Sudan, ranging from rampant corruption, lack of leadership, failure to establish viable institutions, underdevelopment and so on, more than Gen. Paul Malong and all of you have done.

While many of my good friends, men and women of wisdom have cautioned me not to wrestle with pigs by responding to the dunderheads, I would beg, kindly that let me pump some wisdom into their hallow skulls! Ready for more responses.

Till then yours truly, Mr. Teetotaler.



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