Malongs call for Akol Koor and president Kiir to be indicted for using Catholic nuns as human shields to impede Rome based peace talks

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Malongs call for Akol Koor and president Kiir to be indicted for using Catholic nuns as human shields to impede Rome based peace talks


A rebel group under the former Chief of General Staff of the SPLA, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, who are alleged to have been involved in the killing of civilians along the Nimule-Juba Highway, are calling on the international community to hold President Kiir and his Director of National Security, Gen. Akol Koor, accountable for using Christians as human shields, which constitutes a war crime.


In a statement extended to Thejubamirror news desk SSUF/A deputy spokesman explains that the government should be held accountable for using congregations as human shields.

“the office of the SSUF/A Deputy military spokesperson would like to inform the general public and international communities concern about this unfortunate incident which took the lives of Sister Mary Abud and Sister Regina Roba of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that occurred on the 16th August 2021 between Nesitu and Jebelian on the return of the Catholic Congregation who attended centenary celebration of the Loa Parish, Diocese of Torit.” Said Maj. Philip Deng Kuol Nguot, SSUF/A Deputy Military Spokesperson

“The celebration was attended by the president of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and Vice President H.E James Wani Igga among other senior government dignitaries.” Philip continued.

According to SSUF/A Deputy spokesman, the security of the congregations was under the leadership of President Kiir and failure to protect them should be blamed on president Kiir.

“Prior to the celebration, heavy Government army forces predominately presidential Guards and other security organs were deployed along the roads and within the closest vicinity to the celebration Venue. The security of the congregation and that of senior Government officials was guaranteed given the full protection extended by the government forces.” Philip continued.

“This incident occurred at around 3:00pm; South Sudan Local time when the congregation and the presidential convoys were returning to Juba after the conclusion of a beautiful Christian celebration. At that time, there was still the presence of heavy deployment of security forces from the celebration Venue all the way to Nesitu, each convoy was accorded a full security escort.” He added.

The rebels do not believe that the civilians could have been easily targeted in the area where the incident happened because it is heavily protected by government forces.

“In addition, there’s a military Artillery base at Jebel Lemon a few meters away from the incident scene. What is mind-boggling is how could such dreadful incident happen in an area fully covered by government security forces? How did the assailants manage to infiltrate and lay such an ambush which singled out a vehicle carrying Catholic Nuns without being foiled?” Malong’s group claims.

“Given the above detailed security coverage, there were no indicators of an impending threat between Nesitu and Jebelian areas where the incident took place. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that such a highly protected area could easily be penetrated by any holdout group other than the government’s forces themselves.” The further claimed.

According to SSUF/A, the incident must have been conducted through government directives to implicate South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance(SSOMA) and to abort Rome peace initiative.

“It was a highly premeditated incident carried out most probably by insiders with an intention to evoke the masses emotionally as innocent Christians were killed and that would definitely implicate SSOMA peace process with the Government.” Malong’s group further explains.

The rebel group accused both Akol Koor and a junior officer who is identified as Justin Oyat.

“According to our reliable security sources, one officer from The National Security service active list by the name Justin Oyat who’s deployed at the HQs of Vice president James Wani Igga was instructed to carry out such a heinous crime that took the souls of two catholic Nuns.” They said.

“The rogue officer clearly acted on directives of belligerent National Security Service (NSS) Gen. Akol Koor Kuc was revealed by an internal source of intelligence. The immediate release of the suspects that were arrested in connection with the incident by the National Security services claiming that they were just charcoal venders who happened to be within the vicinity at the time of incident was a gimmick to bury any evidence.” Malong groups alleged.

The SSOMA sympathizers believe that the intention behind this targeted killing of the catholic nuns was to implicate the hold out groups –SSOMA and to portray their image to the international community as terrorists, and to also impede the progress of Rome Peace Talks.

“The recent outburst by the president threatening to pull out of the Rome peace talks is a clear indication that the Juba Regime is unwilling to implement any peace Agreement including the ongoing Rome peace talk. The killing was a ploy to blackmail SSOMA and to spoil the peace negotiations.” They added.

The South Sudan Unified Army/Movement calls on the international community and especially the community of Sant’egidio to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book!

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