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Malong left with no single soldier: splinter group

JUBA – The holdout break away faction led by Gen. Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot confirms all SSUF/A forces on the ground are with them in the newly unveiled interim leadership.

When contacted by thejubamirror News to clarify whether all SSUF/A commands on the ground have broken away with them, the group’s military spokesman Col. Philip Deng Kuol said all SSUF/A gallant forces in different sectors across the country are with them.

“First of all, our forces on the ground in the first place were tired of Malong’s reluctancy leadership that did not equip and provide good logistics. So, when changes was made in the leadership, they were they first people to have had thumped up and seconded the idea… and as we speak, there is no even a single soldier remains with Malong in Equatoria, Bhr El Ghazal and Upper Nile regions”. Col. Philip reveals.

When asked for a comment regarding the deposal of Paul Malong from SSUF/A chairmanship, Deng confirms removal of Malong from the leadership was not taken illegally.

“Though your question does not relate with military affairs, but it’s ok”. You know since its consisting in the manifesto and the constitution of SSUF/A for the chairman should be removed if unable to discharge duties”, and before we dismissed Gen. Malong as SSUF/A chairman and C-in-C, a wider consultation was made at first within the party including our chapters before it was being approved by one of the most powerful and a top decision-making body which is none other than the NEC and as a result, Gen. Dickson Gatluak was endorsed to take the lead,” So there’s nothing illegal here”. Col. Deng added.

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