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Malong, Cirilo reacts to gov’t suspension of Rome talks

JUBA – South Sudan opposition commanders General Thomas Cirilo Swaka and General Paul Malong Awan have denied accusation by the government in Juba that they are preparing for war, saying President Salva Kiir Mayardit maybe the one preparing for war as dry season approaches.

Yesterday, a letter addressed to the community of Sant’Egidio by the government stated that rebel groups who are negotiating with the government are using the Rome talks to buy time and prepare for a all-out war against the government in Juba.

But in response, the spokesman of National Salvation Front (NAS) Suba Samuel denied the government assertion and accused Kiir’s group of instead of preparing to launch attacks against rebel forces as the dry season is coming.

“The accusation that the opposition is using to buy time to wage war against the government in Juba, I think this is not true, and nobody is waging war. Nobody is planning or preparing for war but maybe it’s Juba, and we know very well that dry season is starting, maybe it’s Juba now who wanted to use this statement to prepare for war,” Suba is quoted by Eye Radio as saying.

“But for us in national consensus forum and leadership and then non-signatory opposition groups in South Sudan are committed to roundtable conference, this roundtable conference it’s meant actually to address the root causes of the conflict in the country,” he added.


For his part, the information secretary and spokesman of South Sudan United Front (SSUF) led by former army chief General Paul Malong Awan denied the government accusation and said the group do not have a plan to launch war against the government.

“We don’t have a war plan; we have nothing to do but we are still ready for talks anytime if the government decided to come back in the table. But the talk was not for SUFF alone and we are so many groups to be involved in that talks,” he said.

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