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Malakal does not blong to Ngok Lual Yak, a top government official has asked James Tor Monybuny to desist from tribal politics in Upper Nile.

Malakal does not blong to Ngok Lual Yak, a top government official has asked James Tor Monybuny to desist from tribal politics in Upper Nile.


A top government official from Malakal, close to General Gathoth Gatkuoth, the former minister of Local government and law enforcement has reacted to the accusations and charges leveled against his boss over the weekend by some government officials in Upper Nile. He calls on the people of Upper Nile to continue with reconciliation and healing amongst themselves to live in peace and harmony; advising politicians to desist from the tribal games. On Sunday, one of the state officials from James Tor Monybuny’s side, who is from the main ruling party SPLM, leveled charges of frequent dishonesty and intimidation of the governor and his deputy by Gathoth Gatkuoth. Speaking to Bilpham RADIO on Monday, a political ally associated with General Gathoth says they want to provide their side of the story to ensure that the situation is handled fairly. The official whose name should not be mentioned due to security reasons says that Gathoth is not relieved because he has a dispute with the Governor. He describes the relationship between governor and Gathoth as excellent at the moment and nothing like the political stand-off between Gathoth and Budhok Ayang Kur as alleged. James Tor, the deputy governor, is singled out in the team; he is accused as the only leader in the state who practices the tribal politics and divisions among the local populations.

The close aide accused James Tor Monybuny of being behind the insecurity in the state all the time by leaving Malakal open to danger from his tribe men . He says the deputy governor fails to deal with criminals, describing their accusations against Gathoth as talks without basis. The top official, separately, revealed that his boss General Gathoth was dismissed by president Kiir from his position as a minister because of being wrongfully accused of going back to Riek Machar on the promise that he would be given a position from the national government. Gathoth was also falsely accused of a $1.5 Million dollars given to him by SPLM-IO leadership to buy his loyalty according to the official.

Whatever allegations made by those of James Tor’s group against Gathoth are nonsense and have no proof.

“James Tor is the main source of insecurity in Upper Nile state right away after his appointment as deputy Governor of Upper Nile , he was behind the killing of three people during the reception of the Governor on 27/3/2021:under his directives up to day , his criminals are not brought to justice”, he said.
Deputy governor is being accused of refusing to surrender the previous reports and hand over the offices to Budhok Ayang, the newly appointed governor in Upper Nile state from the main opposition party SPLM-IO.”James Tor Monybuny is instigating his former staff from the defunct Central Upper Nile state not to hand over offices of many institutions in the state; he is also against the peaceful coexistence of diverse communities- Nuer Dinka and Chollo”, he continued .

James Tor, further accused of working against peace , unity and reconciliations for the peoples of Upper Nile state . However, the deputy governor is accused of corruption by running the state affairs alone with no accountability, transparency in the finance sector. Tor is also accused of citing violence among the local youths over the ownership of Malakal Headquarters.
“James doesn’t like Nuer , chollo, and other communities to stay inside Malakal under the false and negative allegations that Malakal belongs to Ngok Lual Yak. Besides, he is blamed of keeping all the taxmen and particularly those who audit tax returns are still from the former defunct Central Upper Nile state who are answerable to deputy Governor only .He just left for Juba week ago with more than 17 million SSP in hard cash looted from state revenue, while the rest of the political post holders and junior staff from various institution of Upper Nile are dying of hunger.


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