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Machar’s SPLA-IO forces killed over 30 of their own in Magenis-Gezan fighting this morning


Machar’s SPLA-IO forces killed over 30 of their own in Magenis-Gezan fighting this morning


Latest reports from Machar’s SPLA-IO office in the capital, Juba, report that the today’s fighting in Magenis has claimed lives of more than 30 soldiers including two major generals, and wounded several others.


Responding to SPLA-IO Kitgwang’s press statement, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, the military spokesman of Machar’s faction, claims that their position was attacked this morning at 6:30Am by SPLA-IO forces loyal to Gatwech Dual.

“This morning the 7/08/2021 at about 6:30AM, the anti peace forces of Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual moved out of their trenches in Magenis and launched aggressive attacks against the SPLA-IO forces in Gezan.” Lam Paul Gabriel said.

According to Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, Machar’s forces were attacked at Gezan but claims their forces defeated Gatwech’s faction, killing several of them and capturing their weapons.

“The SPLA-IO forces responded in self-defence and repulsed the aggressors back to Magenis killing two Major Generals and over 27 enemy soldiers. The SPLA-IO force destroyed one APC, Zuu 23 and 14.5mm, and also captured one Ural mounted with Zuu 23, and over 20 Ak47.” Lam Paul Gabriel claimed.

On their part, Lam said only two weapons were destroyed, three soldiers killed and 13 others sustained gunshot wounds.

“The enemy forces destroyed one 107mm while one tank T55 developed mechanical problems. Three(3) freedom fighters were killed in action and 13 others sustained gunshot wounds.” He said.

He believes that the two leaders of SPLM/A-IO Kitgwang faction, Simon Gatwech Dual and Johnson Olony, had to be evacuated to Khartoum, Sudan, for their safety.

“The SPLA-IO is aware that Gen. Gatwech Dual and Lt. Gen. Johnson Ulony were evacuated to Sudan.” Col. Lam claims.

The SPLA-IO Juba faction calls on Sudan to detain Gatwech and Olony in their country to mitigate further fighting.

“The SPLA-IO leadership requested the Sudan Government to maintain its neutrality by keeping the two in Sudan and not to allow them to come back and cause more insecurity in the area.” Lam said.

Lam further called on SPLA-IO soldiers, who are loyal to Gatwech and Olony, to rejoin the SPLA-IO mainstream under Machar’s leadership.

“The SPLA-IO also calls upon the forces that were conditioned to join the Kitgwang elements to come back to the SPLA-IO under the leadership of H.E Dr Riek Machar Teny” He added.

The two factions claim having been attacked first by the other faction and while fighting in self-defense, they claim to have inflicted more damage on their new opponents and also defeated them, claims Nyamilepedia could not independently verify at the time of this writing.



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