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Machar hasn’t spoken to Olony since appointment of Upper Nike governor – sources

 Top opposition officials are telling Sudans Post that General Johnson Olony Thubo who was nominated by opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar, but was not appointed by President Salva Kiir, as Upper Nile state governor hasn’t spoken to the main armed opposition leader.

Olony was nominated by Machar in June last year fir gubernatorial seat of Upper Nile state which was allocated to the SPLM-IO. However, the controversial opposition commander was rejected by Kiir on the grounds of being a warmonger who he said would complicate reconciliation efforts in the oil-rich state.

Olony and the SPLM-IO have previously denied the claims and accused the president of working in violation of the revitalized peace agreement which states that each party to the 2018bpeace deal choose its nominee to any position allocated to it.

Machar after a long stand off with Kiir replaced General Olony with Abudhok Ayang who was instantly appointed by President Salva Kiir. Later on reports say Olony was not happy with the appointment.

Speaking to Sudans Post this morning, senior opposition officials said the Machar hasn’t spoken to General Olony who has since left Khartoum for his base in Northern Upper Nile state.

“Dr. Riek hasn’t spoken to Olony since the appointment of governor Abudhok Ayang as governor of Upper Nile. We don’t know why but he hasn’t spoken to him since that time,” states one opposition official in Juba.

Another opposition official in the Sudanese capital Khartoum said “General Johnson Olony is busy in his base with organizational issues which are of utmost importance to the movement and hasn’t get time to speak to the chairman and commander in chief.”




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