Machar forces deny claims of internal clash in Mirmir

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Machar forces deny claims of internal clash in Mirmir


The Spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) has refuted a report that their soldiers fought themselves in the Mirmir cantonment site in Unity State.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel told The City Review that two of the SPLA-IO soldiers who were broke went to the community and started harassing people. He added that the duo caused chaos by looting civilians leading to a confrontation at the Mirmir cantonment.

Instead of returning to the cantonment, Lam asserted that the two soldiers fled to government territory and reported themselves to the Koc County Commissioner.

“The commissioner was supposed to take the matter seriously and apprehend these people or investigate them, or maybe report them to SPLA-IO that your soldiers have arrived in my territory. Instead, he reinforced them with forces loyal to him under his control to come and attack our base,’’ he revealed.

“So it was not SPLA-IO that attacked themselves, the two were reinforced with others then they came to attack the base,” Lam added.

According to information shared with The City Review, on January 8, a “group of disgruntled SPLA-IO officers and NCOs led by Maj. Gen. Gatkhor Tut Choul, Maj. Gat-Tor Maley Choul, and Capt. Gatdedt Mathiang Kulang stormed a makeshift detention facility manned by SPLA-IO soldiers, resulting in armed clashes.’’

“Sometimes back, SPLA-IO leadership in the area had arrested some civilians for unknown reasons. The rebellion officers and NCOs and their armed supporters camped in the surrounding villages. There are no reports of fatalities and injuries on both sides,” the source alleged.

But Lam insisted that two people could not attack a large base like Mirmir, pointing out that Mirmir is a large cantonment. Two of them couldn’t accomplish that because they were reinforced,” he said.

Last year, a member of the State Council who is also a member of the Upper House accused SPLA-IO soldiers in the Ruweng Administrative Area of arresting and holding some of their comrades who they suspected of planning to desert to the SSPDF.

Mary Mayen made the accusation during the fifth governor’s forum, which was moderated by First Vice President Dr Riek Machar and was held in Juba to allow governors and chief administrators to share their state’s experience.

Via City Review

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