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Parting ways in pieces with Greedy Savages, the Minority Rek of Tonj. Luacjang community has to work for an agenda to petition the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Revitalised Legislative Assembly to table an urgent bill allowing Luacjang to split from Tonj and becomes a separate Administrative Area in Bar el ghazal Region.

We the informed youth of Lauc Aguer Adel are fully aggrieved and touched with continuing conflict ravaging our community characterized by endless targeted killings, cattle raids, insensitivity of local government authorities coupled with deprivation of basic services to Luacjang local citizens.

In a retrospect, it’s crystal clear that the State Authorities under Gen. Aleu Ayieny continue to sit crossed -Legs and allow the conflict to escalate, no proper intervention made since the onset. At times, you may hear from the authorities themselves some of the most divisive utterances such as; Luacjang are hostile community, they must be left to suffer, humanitarian catastrophies are at alarming rate. No raod at all. The existing feeder roads linking Luacjang Areas within and outside are either blocked or Infested with bandits. It’s a clear plan of Rek _led government in both state and National level to isolate our beautiful land and her people from enjoying relative calm and went as far as robbing them of their constitutional rights and civil liberties; such as freedom to movement and right to life and to own property.

We argue our MPs to promptly take the bill into the Parliament to petition President Salva and the August House to allow us become an Administrative Area. This will enable us closely Administer our local population with an utmost caring hearts and concerns for own lives and protection of our resources shall be our main goal. We are tired of the neglect and thereby wish to break away from a anti peace and segregative style of leadership champion by Rek. We must separate.

1. Riak Gok Majok, PhD,

“I wonder whether the insecurity happening in Tonj East County and Lou Paher has no a long rope. It is getting nasty and it requires attention from above”

2. Reports of human rights violation rendered to US congress by UN Agencies and other international NGOs working in Tonj. It detailed a number of targeted killings and rapping of women of Luacjang origin by Rek along Tonj – Wau road.

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