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Letter To SPLM party the mother of South Sudanese 




By Kuokbongjak Nhial 

The minutes of the Aliiny community meeting in Juba took place on November 18th, 2022. Aliinyy community attendance at the meeting was over 1500 people, and they all agreed to keep the old committees led by Achut Mijak Akiir.

Indeed, Aliiny agreed to keep the old committees, but Hon Mary Ayen Mijok refused. The court in South Sudan endorsed the old CDC, appointed by the community, and the Hon. Mary Ayen disagrees with the court’s decisions to endorse the old committees led by Achut Mijak to oversight the community development funds.

Furthermore, the Alliin community remained shocked when Mary Ayen began to question the members of the Aliiny community by asking who is the court to decide Aliiny while I was representing the Aliiny community in the parliamentary and at the same time I was the deputy Speaker of the council State so who is the court to decide on Aliiny community? 

In short, Mary Ayen Mijok has appointed her committees led by Angelo  Mijok Gatdet Deng. So Hon Mary Ayen helped Angelo Mijok  Gatdet to take over the community development funds, where Hon Mary Ayen began to borrow over $ 500 000 USD from her new appointee’s committee, whom she appointed to the central bank in Juba.

Aliiny community has expressed their concerns to the SPLM party the mother of South Sudanese, to control Hon Mary Ayen Mijok and not interfere with the community decision-making process.

With great pleasure, I inform the SPLM party that Mary Ayen Mijok, MP representing Aliiny county in the government of South Sudan and she’s also a Deputy Speaker of the Council of State, has distracted the Aliiny community in both areas Juba and Ruweng  Administrative area.

Aliiny community is one of the counties that is oil-producing in South  Sudan. Still, nothing has been achieved in the Aliiny community, while South Sudan’s government has allocated 3% to the producing oils counties in the Ruweng  Administrative area. Still, Mary Ayen appeared to take advantage of the community funds for years until the Aliiny community realized Hon had used their monies. Mary Ayen, where she registered her own company. She builds a big house that costs more than 2 million in Jelbel Kuju through Aliiny community funds.

However, the Aliiny community in the Ruweng  Administrative area and Juba has rejected the new committee led by Angelo Mijok Gatdet. Still, Hon Mary Ayen Mijok opposed the community to accepting the new committee using force.

All in all, the Aliiny community has endorsed the old committees led by Achut Mijak Akiir to remain in the central bank until the Aliiny community decided to change the old committees but not Hon Mary to oppose the community removal their whom they chose to keep their funds for community development.

Aliiny community has rejected the illegal committees appointed by Hon Mary Ayen, who has encouraged Angelo Mijok Gatdet to dictate the community until they give up their positions.

This is a reference to the Kuok meeting regarding the possibility to keeps their old committees led by Achut  Mijak Akiir to stay in the central bank until the Kuok community has decided to make some changes later but not the decision made by Hon Ayen Mijok.

Therefore, this letter informs the SPLM  party to investigate Mary Ayen Mijok of 3% allocated to Ruweng communities. Not only do we have compensation Funds signed by the Aliiny community with  Daniel Awow in March 2020. Mary Ayen has collected those monies from GPOC, and Ayen Mijok still demands more.

Aliiny community is suffering at the hand of Mary Ayen Mijok because the South Sudan government allocated 3% for community development. Still, this 3% has been used by Ayen Mijok, not the Aliiny community.  

 Over 200 000 barrels per day come from the Aliiny community, but the Aliiny community still suffers without clean drinking water, Hospitals, and other basic human needs.

I am enclosing the following members endorsed by the community in Aliiny county in Ruweng and Juba resolution meeting of both locations. 

  1. Achut Miajk Akiir 
  2. Dak Miabek Akol 
  3. Them Miarial Thon 
  4. Arop chol Monyjuet  
  5. Miabek Miabil KIIR 
  6. Nyayol Achuil Aniek  
  7. Nyantiok Mijok Amiang  
  8. Deng Akuong dongwei  

Therefore, we enclose that the committee’s Hon Mary Ayen appointment was rejected by the Kuok community in Aliiny county in Ruweng and Juba. Still, Mary Ayen boycotted the decision made by the community.

  Below are the new committees of Hon Mary Ayen  Mijok, who had already opened an account illegally. Mary Ayen supports them in keeping the funds of CDC to make it easy for Hon Mary  Ayen to borrow community funds she had used all these years in South Sudan.

Here are the lists of New appointees of Mary Ayen Mijok 

  1. Angelo Mijok Gatdet  
  2. Azona Nyok Miabil  
  3. Miakuach Akuong Arop  
  4. Miading Aduot Deng 
  5. Jam Amiang  
  6. Kuol Deng 
  7. Nyantet kuol Kur 


We sincerely ask South Sudan’s government to control Hon Mary Ayen Mijok and not to distract the community.

We also urged the government of South Sudan to investigate Mary Ayen of 3% and compensation money assigned by Daniel Awow in March 2020.

The Kuok community has learned that Hon Mary Ayen Mijok she’s the ring leader of the new community appointees committees of the Kuok community led by Angelo  Mijok Gatdet. 

Thus, the Kuok community realized that Mary Ayen Mijok seemed to be the problem of Kuok in Ruweng because Ayen created so much division among the communities in the Ruweng Administrative area.

Lately, Mary Ayen Mijok has been accused by the Ruweng people, not only the Kuok community who has accused her of helping the new appointees by taking the new committee to the central bank and undersecretary of petroleum Act to giving the New account number to the central bank and undersecretary ministry of petroleum.

   It’s very simple if Mary Ayen can stop the corruption of Community funds in  Ruweng counties and stop appointing members within the community without consultation with the community.

 In summary,  the new committee was rejected by the community, and Mary Ayen Mijok is pushing them to withdraw money from the community where 1•5 million withdrew by Ayen Mijok’s new committees, and 1•5 million USD has been divided among some of the members, including Hon Mary Ayen.


 We concluded that the Aliiny community needs to know the compensation monies from Mary Ayen Mijok and the 3% that the government of South Sudan allocates to Ruweng counties in the Ruweng Administrative area. 

Recently, we have learned that Mary Ayen Mijok has planned to purchase nine vehicles with community funds, but the worse part is that Mary Ayen wants nine cars for her family, not Ruweng benefits. Also, Mary Ayen is well equipped with Aliiny community funds as she bought a big house in Juba and one in Eldoret in Kenya. What else did she need? Again let the community have their money for now.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any inquiries or questions.

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