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LEAKED: Reasons why president Kiir sacked the Interior Minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec.

By  Staff


When president Kiir sacked his interior minister, who is reputed to be close to him and a member of the party top decision-making organ- The SPLM Political Bureau last week, a move that underscored tensions at the top of the country’s leadership and its security apparatus, many people were shocked because of Mayom critical role in as the government representative in the allocations of positions during the formation of a government of national unity among the parties to the agreement, he worked very hard to make sure president Kiir interest and that of the country is achieved with honesty.

Mayom Akec was believed to be sacked because he was at odds with a combined force of the IGP Gen. Majak Akec and Presidential Affairs Minister Hon. Marial Benjamin over their respective powers and political alliances dating back to the 2010 general elections. With the dismissal of Interior Minister Mayom Akec, the pressures could mushroom into a crisis threatening a collapse of the technocratic government where Mayom was believed to be a patriotic force that handles complex issues such as the Lakes State insecurity issues. Besides the involvement of the current Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Victoria Anib who is Hussein Abdelbagi Ayii’s concubine that campaigns under the dark to lobby for her husband Mahmoud Solomon to replace Mayom Akec. Anib’s interference in the health ministry with Hussein is the reason things are not going well in the health sector.

No reasons were given for his removal. But speculation was rife on social media and other platforms about the motives for the sudden move where the president might have been cheated to sack him under political duress from Majak and Marial. Mayom who was wrongly implicated in Yambio ethnic war between Balanda and Azande was a cursor for his removal because many intelligent officers planted by his enemies were staggering conspiracy theories based on lies to paint him in the eyes of the President as someone who failed in his duties.

Sources close to the president’s office said that the interior minister was sacked following the latter’s attempts by the IGP to propose one of his preferred replacements because of the beef he has with Mayom Akec with him to replace many including that of Finance and economic planning, Nilepet Managing Director and intelligence department heads as well as a senior commander in the presidential guard.

According to the same sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Gen. Majak Akec and Marial Benjamin colluded the day before the sacking and sent a letter to Kiir to remove other high-ranking officials who are standing on their way without prior consultation with the concerned authorities such as the presidential advisors. The latter then proceeded to freeze the decisions of the interior minister before announcing his dismissal not to be reverted to another day.

Mayom sacking signals an unprecedented escalation of tensions between the Agar sections and the president’s office. Observers argue that with this latest move, Kiir has moved from taking blows to the counter-offensive because of rogue advice given to him by the IGP and Marial Benjamin who are blaming Mayom for their political failures in Lakes State, if he is not on the offensive, then he will return Mayom to the cabinet with time.

With Mayom absent at the ministry, the security structure at the Ministry of Interior will be incoherent and will not withstand the much-needed reforms Mayom was trying to instill, especially at this current critical juncture that the country is witnessing democratic transformation after the formation of a unity government. “There is a possibility that the security institutions in the country will be infiltrated by criminals who keep changing their interests toward senior officials in the ministry.



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