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2006-2009: Gen. Majak Akec was absconded from Public Security(PS) (Internal Security Bureau) at the rank of 2nd Lt. And Hon. Paul Mayom Akec assigned him as his aide( private secretary) and also head of his security unit. He was therefore privileged to rise in rank given his proximity to the minister and also got protected to subsequent screening that was laid out to demote and effect accountability to officers that had fluke high ranks through ambiguous ways.

2009-2016: After the tenure of Interior minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec, Gen. Majak Akec was then relinquished from the minister’s office as private secretary and assigned as alien liaison in-charge officer. This makes him drift away from Hon. Paul Mayom Akec his former Godfather and joined Gen. Achuil Tito who was by then the incumbent IGP. While serving under Gen. Maduot Parek, he held Maduot’s trust hostage by bestowing to build him a fully furnished house. Then later conspired with Maduot’s rival and family relative Gen. Akol Koor to oust the Director-General of Immigration Gen. Maduot Parek while he had solidified his relationship with Gen. Achuil Tito through handouts of cash and other gifts.

2017-18: After taking full charge of the Immigration docket, he then turned to bring on board members of the first family, in particular Bona Gong who is a confidant of the president, and appointed him as a signatory to a bloc account in Kampala where money in form of dollars are deposited from the proceeds of their deals, this money is siphoned off from there and distributed among the president’s family members especially the first lady, Mama Ayendit and other domestically Financial issues in president’s houses in East Africa including payment of school fees of Kiir children at USIU University in Nairobi. This built up one of the significant trust between Gen. Majak and the first lady, who advocates for Gen. Majak Akec at all costs to maintain the financial liquidity stamina among them.

2018-Update: After clandestinely defeating Gen. Seid Abdelatif through his blackmailing and bribes paid to those around the president to applaud him. Gen. Majak Akec added on Mama Ayendit’s like a pie by vanishing the police aircraft to Kenya with the pretext of getting serviced at Wilson Airport, then secret reports have indicated that it operates between Mogadishu and Wilson airport, and the proceeds are divided between Gen. Majak and the First Lady who run other business errands with it financial incomes.

With the strategic advantages in place, Gen. Majak Akec, therefore, sought to increase his influence and also expanded his network around the president, specifically the president’s close protection guards such as Akol Santo Arech, Wol Wol Agegdit, and protocol officers Muor Manyang Jok and Riak who feed him with consistent developments of politics around the presidency and its inner rings to get crucial information that will aid him in his private transactions. Such a breach of the presidency close protection unit by him and his affiliates can be very risky to the life of the president. He also muzzled himself into sexual affairs with the likes of Vicky Nyandur, Sandra Ajak, and Veronica Athian Lual Lual to get access to the most classified information at the presidency and share it with his networks of proxies and political opportunists for the sole purpose of scheming something for himself and his friends.

Fraudulent acquisition of private land: According to police sources, the IGP Gen. Majak Akec, the First Lady mama Ayendit to front an encroachment on land owned by an Eritrean businessman. It was learned that three persons died while clearing the land with the police authorities covering it up on the order of Gen. Majak Akec. To achieve his fraudulent act, the IGP with the help of Ayendit after three days, forged a few documents through his friend at the land registry office to cover up the dispute as he earlier claimed. Reports later stated that mama Ayendit invited the Eritrean businessman for a peace meeting with the IGP who has an interest in the development of the land.







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