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Leak from the Nairobi’s peace talks between the government and SSOMA leaders, the failure of flawed peace in South Sudan



Leak from the Nairobi’s peace talks between the government and SSOMA leaders, the failure of flawed peace in South Sudan


By Nicolas Chan,

An agreement successfully reached in Nairobi by the presumably protagonists of change and government delegation has turned out to be a ‘scarce’ job’s hunting scenario. Those liars are mere jobs seekers who are staging the agreement as a potential ladder to accommodative jobs in the national government.

This leak has helped place a seal on doubts and suspicion of many people who are well versed with the crimes Gen. Malong and Pa’gan Amum committed when they were serving under Kiir administration. In an attempt to research into why opposition leaders shout aloud when outside the government but conforms to the normal business conduct once a frog is placed in their mouths. The saying that ‘a frogged snake bites no more is inevitably confirmed by the steps of Gen. Malong Awan and Pa’gan Amum’.

The prioritization of the narrow demands and individualized political and security concerns by the SSOMA faction leaders above democratic and structural transformation, rampant corruption, sectional conflicts, lack of independence of the three arms of government and tribalism is symptomatic of a peace process which refused to permit the people of South Sudan a role, failed to address the fundamental grievances which caused the war, ignored past crimes by the perpetuators, and will ensure that any peace agreement will not be sustainable in South Sudan.

The shallow demands and the designated people

Vice President for service cluster should be given to Pa’gan Amum (SSOMA chairman)
Minister for National Security should be given to Gen. Malong Awan
Ambassador to UN or USA should be given to Cirrino Iteng
(5) Generals
(23) Maj.Generals
(149) officers ranging from col. to 1st Lt.
(2) DGs (Migration and Health)
(3) commissions to be determined once in Juba
Nhial Deng Nhial conspiracy and how it is designed to usher him to power with ease

Before the ambitious and power hungry Nhial Deng Nhial came back to the government, concrete plans and arrangements were underway on the orders of president Kiir’s to have all estranged groups engaged in a peace settlement. Had corona virus not set in, this group could have signed peace and should be in the country by now. Kiir’s administration believes in peaceful resolution of conflict through dialogue without exception. It was/is ready to strike peace with the hold out groups ( Pa’gan, Malong and Thomas Cirrillo Swako) to end the suffering of his people. He has made it clearly in most speeches.

Nhial Deng’s stubborn urge for the top position runs parallel to the genuine need for an inclusive peace by the president and the national unity government. The agenda in term of peace and progress as was the case has melt down to a construction of Nhial’s political strategy geared towards outwitting the president and Dr. Riek Machar as he gradually moves closer to the presidency. Nhial proposal is the one being discussed on both sides. He designed and wired it to his potential backer Gen.Malong which Malong claims as his negotiation position.

Deng Alor Kuol and Vice President Taban Deng Gai have joined the ‘big agenda’ for change. When this group lands at JIA, the happiest would be these two leaders. They have no business with president Kiir any longer whom they see as a blockade to peace, unity, development and harmony in South Sudan as advised by their white friends. In their private talks, they have never hidden their desire to work under Nhial as president. One of their close aids told the writer that, there was no hope in elections for president Kiir. That if he risks to run for elections he would lose terribly to any contender provided it were not Dr.Riek Machar.

Nhial has advised Gen.Malong and Pa’gan to cut and confidently throw away Vice President Hussein Abdul Bhagi Ayii and Akol Koor tactfully. Hussein’s position is to be negotiated on the table, while Akol’s position shall be obtained and occupied procedurally.

How tactful? Gen. Malong will replace Gen.Mamur Mete as minister of Security. When that primary goal is reached, Gen. Malong shall complicate the working relationship with the NISS DG. When it has come down to a stage of that nature, it would be easier for Gen. Malong to raise an alarm, advising the president of the difficulty he faces working with the DG, making it easier for the president to give him a greenlight to look for a replacement of his choice. Gen.Bol Wek Agoth Kuanyin is likely going to be his choice.

Nhial in his sophisticated calculations, shall remain at the presidency, with Malong at the security docket, Oyai Deng to the Defense kicking off Gen. Malek Ruben Riak, as Nhial reorganizes and strategizes on best ways to eliminate Tut kew and Dr. Dhieu Mathok Ding Wol for the loop to be complete. You can imagine what happens, when the loop of Garang boys of the SPLA time is complete. The power of decrees will adamantly be in their hands. SPLM party structures from A-Z shall be in their absolute control and everyone including the president and all vice presidents with exception of an ally Taban Deng Gai shall be at their mercy.

That is all about the ongoing peace negotiation in Nairobi. Nhial Deng Nhial is stage-managing the whole process from a distance and you should expect to see all leaks on this document spread across pages when the final signatures are placed on the papers. This peace will not mention or recognize the real problems affecting the people of South Sudan. Gen.Malong like everyone on his team are hell bent to get into the strategic positions in the government, loot maximally as he did before in Aweil as governor and Chief of General Staff of the SPLA, before conniving later to get rid of the president whom he hates for the bad treatment he had made him and his people go through and planting his enemies like Gen. Dau Aturjong among others.


What we could conclude is that: the presence of Gen. Malong Awan Anei Tong in a powerful position in the country shall set Aweil in an uncalled-for vicious circle of crisis and endless turmoil. The educated and vibrant intellectuals of Aweil community (sons and daughters) will not accept Malong to treat them like slaves as he used to do when he had the state power, by turning Aweil opportunities, jobs and power as personal and oppressed those who did not bow down to his primitive authority. His forceful and unconditional demand for loyalty from people may solicit conflict. As the think tanks, we are advising the government of President Kiir to think about this ill plan of Nhial and his Malong. Gen. Malong and group have to come back to the country soon as peace is inked but this dangerous plan with them needs to be disorganized and wisely tackled for a lasting peace to prevail in South Sudan and in Aweil community.

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