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Lakes State Governor to execute perpetrators of violence by firing squad


Lakes State Governor to execute perpetrators of violence by firing squad

The newly-appointed Governor of the troubled Lakes State, Riny Tueny Mabor has vowed to empower law enforcement agencies in the State to restore peace and stability across the state as traditional chiefs and residents of the State urged the new Governor to execute by firing squad anyone involved in intercommunal violence, road ambushes or killings.

This comes after all chiefs, students, and leaders of Lakes State met at freedom hall in Juba on Sunday to deliberate on what Mr. Mabor could do in order to bring the vicious circle of conflicts in the state to an end.

According to a reliable source who spoke to Nyamilepedia, Jacob Adut Mabor who moderated the meeting read all the recommendations that many state residents think the Governor should include on his list of priorities.

“Murder must be punishable by death and any revenge killings that occurred after the culprits have been detained must be punishable by death. Those who are found processing the guns without any support of law must be penalized and disarm by all means possible including the use of lethal weapons,” the source said.

Lakes State citizens agreed on 25 resolutions including the one that would arrest and punish politicians and military officials found guilty of inciting communities to fight and supplying arms to civilians.

After listening to the recommendations from citizens after the meeting, Mabor vowed to bring law and order to the state to contain the vicious circle.

“My Administration will fully effect the punishment of law on elements destabilizing our state. Bandits and cattle rustling are an offense to the state and must be dealt with properly,” the Governor said.

“We must not succumb to the criminals and we must not allow our people to despair either. We shall work tirelessly to restore hope, the confidence of our people and create a peaceful atmosphere that reflects the true values of the people of Lakes State,” Mabor said.

Lakes State has been the most insecure state for many years, people are engaged in revenge killings and cattle rustling.



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