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By Ajok Ngong Ayuen

We have change our parents responsibilities to boyfriends in a sense that if we are sick, the first person we call is boyfriend to take us to the hospital,pay the bill and other expenses too.Parents will just visit after like a boyfriend ,is he boyfriendparent or what?

During those days,dating was meant to study the man’s characters,behaviors etc but now we have taken it in a different ways.Dating is define as the process of studying where your boyfriend is working,salary,which type of car is he driving,his assets etc.If he is not financially stable then you leave him and search for stable one as if our parents are financially stable we want to put all our parents responsibilities on our boyfriend’s neck

Those days it was very rear for a Dinka lady to stay with boyfriend or alone with out parents/relatives.But currently you will get us in every apartment and it’s boyfriend who is paying rent. Are boyfriends assistant parents?

We have taken boyfriends as job opportunities.The more boyfriends you have the more money you get just like the person who is having more jobs.This is because of responsibilities that are been shifted to boyfriend leaving our parents in position of boyfriends.According to number of boyfriends and where each is working (salary)
There will be boyfriend to
Buy clothes
Buy shoes 👠
Human hair (for Solon)

We have forgotten that we are all affected by crisis including our boyfriends.The same way our parents are suffering to get money is the same way our boyfriends are suffering too.We took boyfriends as source of income to our family members.But as a parent your daughter is not working and she’s supporting you financially ,don’t you ask her where she’s getting the money from? Keeping quiet is another way of telling us to look for more!

Those days it was responsibility of parents to fulfill all our needs what to eat,wear etc but now it’s all on boyfriend;
Babe let’s go for breakfast
Babe let’s go for lunch
Babe let’s go for dinner
Babe tomorrow is visitation day if she’s in boarding school.
Babe it’s my birthday tomorrow
Babe I want to go for shopping
Babe my friend’s wedding is tomorrow and I don’t have nice dress.
Babe I need iPhone
Babe I need and need……………………………..And when we are married we just take alokthok as a fulfillment of of our culture not to allowed us to eat in our husband’s house


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