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Knife-wielding Egyptians harassed, molested S. Sudanese teens in Cairo

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A South Sudanese boy who was bullied in Cairo says his cousin-sisters were humiliated by a group of unruly Egyptian boys.

14-year-old Kout Akok was beaten with his two cousins by Egyptian boys in Ein Shams residential area in Cairo over the weekend.

The children were reportedly on their way to attend a birthday party at his Aunt’s house when they were attacked by Egyptian boys wielding a knife.

Akok told the media that one of his cousins was molested by the attackers while they beat and torture him.

“We were going to my Aunt’s house with my cousin sisters at around 6 in the morning using Rickshaw or Raksha. We were on our way to attend a birthday party, but on the way, we were stopped by two boys using a motorcycle,”

“They threatened us with a knife and from there they took my two cousin sisters to their apartment. So I followed them and they came and took me up also.”

“A certain Egyptian wanted to rescue us but they also threatened him. From there they pushed us into the kitchen and threatened that if we get out from there, they will kill us.”

“We stayed there until 11 am. After that, they molested my sister through the help of their mother. Their mother asked my sister to remove her cloth so that they can see her chest.”

Kuot added that they were released after people started gathering around the building following the intervention of an Egyptian Shisha seller who witnessed the harassment.

Egyptian police have reportedly arrested the attackers of Akok.

Akok’s mother, however, urged the Egyptian government to ensure the attackers are not set free without facing justice.

She said they continue to received death threats from some Egyptian over the arrest of the attackers.

Ranis Akok stated that her family is now living in fear.

“When I went to the police station I have been threatening throughout by those Egyptians. The attorney convicted them for fifteen days for investigations purpose,” said Akok’s mother.

“There are two boys who were not there and they didn’t get them especially the one who shared this video, he was not there when they torturing my son, because the police asked my son who torturing him and he indicates this boy.”

“Our girl says in the front of the investigator that this woman the mother of those boys asked her to remove her clothes to show her breasts and even this Egyptians mother ordered her boys to beat our children’s, and she shaved her hair and she acknowledge about that.”

“I want my people to help me get the rights of my son because is still a teenager of 14-year-old and now is traumatized and even cannot sleep is fearing.”

South Sudanese refugees in Egypt have often complained of harassment, racial attacks, and killings.

Kuot Akok’s incident has once again sparked public outrage with social media users calling on the Egyptian government to convict the attackers for mockery and racism.

In response, the Egyptian Embassy in Juba reportedly issued a statement condemning the incident.

It emphasized its total rejection of such unjust behavior, adding that the Egyptian security services quickly arrested and submitted the aggressors for investigation, in preparation for their accountability under Egyptian law.

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