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Kiir Warns ‘Another Split’ Looming Within SPLM Party

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dKiir Warns ‘Another Split’ Looming Within SPLM Party

JUBA – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit has warned that another split within the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party is looming within the group, saying all members of the parties must put the interest of the people of South Sudan and the parties first.

This comes after reports emerged that senior party, government and security officials were vying for nomination for the 2023 elections. Sources have recently indicated that senior presidential advisor, backed by security officials, has expressed interest to compete in the 2023 elections.

This is after President Salva Kiir Mayardit told members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Youth League last year that new fasces would take over the country’s leadership during the 2023 elections, without indicating clearly if he were to retire from politics.

Speaking to a group of elders in Juba last Sunday, Kiir reportedly said that there are ‘power hungry’ politicians who are looking for power even before the party could go national convention, something he said could undermine the relative peace that the country has achieved since the signing of the revitalized peace agreement.

“This is to warn you that there are some hungry people, some power-hungry politicians within the SPLM party who want to get into power even before we conduct the national convention where all the party members, those who want power, will compete against each other,” he reportedly said.

“I am bringing this to your attention by indicating that another split is looming within this party which has fought for many years to achieve the aspiration of the people of South Sudan and the people who want to sabotage it I know them very well. I know who is for the development and who is not,” the president said.


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